The "dream journal" thread


Yeah I’m super bored and isolated. So let’s do a dream journal thread.

Describe the dreams you had last night. You don’t have to be super descriptive; not everyone can remember their dreams or have dreams often. I was hoping that perhaps someone can use the non-linear narrative/surreal imagery that will hopefully populate this thread as a starting point for artistic ideas. Some members on here have expressed that dreams can be a source of that, so let’s share them.


Grandma took on centipede form, and I absolutely annihilated her on the pitch, 23-0. Woke up refreshed


I had a nightmare that there was a surreal, deadly disease going on and I was scared to leave the house. This actually isn’t a joke; I woke up and assured myself that it was actually happening. Somehow the dream version felt a little bit scarier than the real version.

A little while ago, I had this psychedelic type dream where aliens were somehow dismantling earth piece by piece and I was watching them rip the sky and space out of… space. Maybe one day I’ll wake up to find out that this, too, is actually happening.


Thanks, I had a dream like this last night. I blame you :stuck_out_tongue:

I also had a dream where I was shooting off a grenade launcher in my house. Probably the amount of FPS games I’m playing, especially since the grenades didn’t actually damage the walls/stuff, like in most viddyea games.


I had a dream about making music on my laptop which ran this giant futuristic machine and I was controlling this machine to make this breakcore glitch/idm track…then when i woke up I forgot what the track sounded like…ffffuuuuuuuuuuu…