The Cubase Thread

I’m still on 8.5 and not in a hurry to upgrade. I really didn’t feel like dealing with Sentinel in 9 and possibly waste time trying to make blacklisted plugs to work. And in general didn’t feel there were any killer features in either 9 or 10 to prompt me to upgrade.

Wll there’s pros and cons as any. Im on 10.10 and not seeing any issues thus afr, however some people seem to have hit walls but not always clear what OS or systems they are on. How many install etc. I keep a fresh back up if I install anything major, but saying that the updates keep all the old versions in tact and it tags on nicely.

Personally I really enjoy 10 for the layout and GUI. But there are a couple of bugs ie always on top will crash with plugins.

The blacklist is really nifty and works well im experience to be fair.