The black hole of suck that is the internet ( the great debate about internet usage) aka post a silly cat photo


yea so internet privacy, ransomware…lunatics, and whatever

i heard of this thing called karma where apparently ones own actions have an effect on the life they live…

ever hear of those facebook posts that destroy peoples lives…

yeah that


all that nonsense about people knowing what silly stupid things you post and

basically not being a social retard on the internet…discuss


Usage?..Or Use?

I…used…to say use equals what, usage equals how much or often - in particular in conversation with a college writing instructor (could’ve hit that, didn’t, cool ass woman though) whom would say it’s all ‘use’. Over the years, the concept and conversation has come to mind, and I have sided with her. Use.


Now. What were you going on about?..


Well I’ll sure as shit be using it a lot more now… Facebook is basically already crack to me…


i was talking about whether or not we should use the internet to share silly cat photos or something positive that contributes more to society instead of the alternative option


As a moderator I invite you not to waste space with uploading pictures of your cats in a beret.
Be considerate


I highly recommend this article and I might have a PDF of this if you can’t get around their subscription nag. Just post here asking for it and I’ll dig it out but it very nice answers the question you are talking about.


Cant get around that subscription nag… my personal experience I wish that I’ve never seen some of shock images I have seen on the net…but at the same time if not for the net I would have been brainwashed fox news zombie…so eh…

Social predators ruin everything



Too bad this kind of shit never works in your favor. “You helped poor Johnny improve his sick beats? Here’s a quick $20. Keep it up!”


I also feel like my version of the internet is pretty nice to me. Work, school and shitposting doesn’t usually hand me anything I’d rather not see, but then again the furthest ‘out’ I go is probably soundcloud or deviantart when I’m bored. The whole reason why I’m not on facebook is because watered-down political opinions and pictures of sandwiches don’t interest me, but that’s what I come across IRL where I live anyway (rural US problems).

If I came across something truly disturbing I’d quit going to said site immediately. And as a general rule, I just use aliases to keep people I know from potentially googling me (not that they would, but it’s a good safeguard). Especially if I want to make art and put it on display somewhere; it’s not macabre to me, but you never know what kind of cult-follower you have to encounter sometimes is going to get the wrong idea about you and think you kill babies.

“It’s just a song name, mom, get off my back”


I visit maybe…20-30 sites on the internet regularly. If that.

Uhm, I just…don’t use social media at all. I usually feel as though it’s a big gaping hole of stupidity and narcissism.

If you enjoy it, that’s cool and all but it’s not for me.

I love YouTube though, and according to some people online YouTube qualifies as social media. I think it can be, when people use it to talk about their personal lives but that’s not the type of videos I watch. I started up a YouTube channel with a lot of cringey/half-assed videos on it…but after a while I stopped having enough free time to edit together original videos so now my channel is mostly music uploads/PS4 game footage.

As for my privacy on the internet, I just assume it’s gone at this point. I really don’t post anything on the internet or send anything in my emails that I wouldn’t share publicly.


@bfk: positive? Positive?? I think in terms of affirmative(/negative), yo.


@Auto-meh-geddon: awwww, I loves me sum ki-ttehs in berets! Here’s my picture!

I have this from watching an episode recently (I fucking love Heathcliff), and want to put it on a shirt!

The context may not seem obvious, though. He dances and does Saturday Night Fever.


@xSANTAxDURSTx: I enjoy making names. Like Bleak Monarch. Some of my best I created from scratch. My mom sometimes remarks on them in terms of novelty past.


@moodorf: Youtube does it all… I express myself online the most there. Other than purchasing, I visit less than ten sites, three of which I post things. Google knows the most about me, but much less recently given my use of various ware. Alas, anything can bug these days, so seems best to bomb it all



Karma works like God…it’s only in mysterious ways…


I don’t believe in Karma, but I think it’s important to be a decent human being despite how awful this world is (or can be…edited for optimism!)



Define decent…


@bfk : most animals have expressions.