The all things dune thread


I saw the 1984 movie…I have the first book and some others that I’ve partly read…but I haven’t finished them…and I’ve read the wiki synopsis.

Also the 2021 movie comes out in the US soon…you Europe’s may have already seen it so…

So Discuss


I like Dune, I came for the spice but stayed for the interesting storytelling and the psychological and sociological depth, including stuff like the Litany against fear. Lots of research and thought went into the books, read the main books and the Butlerian jihad prequels - very different works, but I like it all for different reasons.

I think @nose recommended the Jodorowsky documentation, just recently watched it and it was really fascinating. Hope someone is gonna make an animation of it at some point.

Also, the 2000/2003 SciFi channel version is not bad, imho, and it includes the second and third books IIRC. Some strange choices, but all in all good work. I like some stuff better in this adaptation as compared to the 1984 movie. However, I really don’t like that they changed the Litany against fear - I mean the two miniseries go on for like 9 hours and they really had to mutilate the already short but epic and powerful Litany against fear? Humans are strange…


Can’t remember the 1984 film much or read the books, but if you want to get a really good heads up on the lore, Id check out Nerd Cookies and Quinn’s Ideas on Youtube. Been using these to help me with the track I’m working on.

Not yet where I am. The soundtrack is up on Youtube, but I haven’t listened to any of it and won’t, until after I finsh the track I’m working on.


October 22 east coast u.s.a


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I think this dune will be split into a few parts…not sure if they gonna split the first book or move to the sequel. Children of dune.

I’m still reading up on social issues after that then I’ll move onto dune.


The new movie does split the first book in half. Only reason it bothers me is I’m afraid we won’t get the second movie.


I want at least one series of movie adaptions to reach “God Emperor of Dune”…


Not for the Golem-XIV-type monologues, just for the worm visuals…


God Emperor is like 300 pages of Giant Worm inner monologue and 70 pages of “Bring me a new Duncan Ghola…” Also…“gross protuberance”


First time I saw the DL version i was maybe 7 or 8 y/o, shit blew my mind. i didnt have a single fucking clue what it was about but it was so weird that i thought it was cool in a Dark Crystal kind of way.


Dune was like Fight Club for me…I didn’t realize I wasn’t supposed to like the “hero” until I got older.


The butlerian jihad that would be an epic film.