The Acoustics Discussion/Advice Thread

My studio is a shitty little barely finished room, with concrete walls and some thin ass siding nailed to the walls. My setup is against a brick wall, literally.

Monitors are like right up against the wall. just left of center of the room. there is an open closet to my rear left that has all of my vinyl and such, a door directly to my left and a weird ass window to the street level at the top of the room behind me. There is also another window to my top right with broken glass.

A real professional setup. I also currently have cat litter on the floor from a brief period where i move one of their litter boxes in here, and got lazy and never swept up the excess, so it gets in my chair wheels and makes a fun noise.

I also have a collection of cans, plastic coffee cups, cardboard boxes and packing material chillin on my desk and on the couch behind me.

Hell, at this point i should just take a video haha.


Lmao, well at least all the stuff is helping with diffusion and you’re vinyl will be good at absorption. Maybe I should start an acoustics thread :thinking:

So, on a purely theoretical note based on my video in the discord, @Manton how could I improve my listening experience?

Get your hands on a big balloon. Record the balloon popping in the room and send me the recording and ill get you an impulse response.

Make sure you have good signal to noise ratio when popping and also send dimensions of the room. Hopefully you have a microphone that is somewhat flat in response. Although i can probably compensate for that if you give me the model no.

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Your room looks like a cube, so i would say it likely has some nasty modes, which require bass traps to remedy. Those couches will be acting as good absorption and potential bass traps. But like i said, your mixes generally sound good so i wouldn’t be too concerned about it. If we do the impulse response then i can discover some more detailed information about the room

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I’m glad I use headphones. With room simulation software to simulate a good room.

We remodeled my place last year and there’s still nothing on the walls anymore. I didn’t have a treated space before, but now the emptier rooms in my house have nasty metallic flutter echo. And now that I hear it, I can’t un-hear it. I was in a meeting room at work today and noticed it happening in there too.

It sounds like the cheapest crappiest 80s reverb with a flanger on it or something.

Metallic ring had that in one of our rooms transpired it was a light fitting resonating.
Hoping to get my man cave built in a garden office so thread may come in handy :wink: if all goes well and wife doesn’t blow it all on a new kitchen.
Shopping list garden office, new pc, mixer, Acoustics and electronic drum kit… Until I see the bank balance :eyes::roll_eyes:

Flutter Echo sounds suuuper cool when you come across it in some rooms,but does absolutely nothing for your acoustics!

Here’s one I heard in a university room I was working in last year:

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