Tesla ceo made some techno

the ceo of tesla made some techno

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Ok-ish I guess, until I heard that voice

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terrible just like anything tesla related.

I used to make stuff like that. Then I graduated from utter shit to just rubbish.


wait so the blog i read is just a puff peice for promo…

hm…im not into techno…but teh synthing is pretty decent mix is ok…and sound design is ok …is it a banger i’d say no…but i’d say decent effort for the guy who runs tesla and spacex

why hate musk…isnt he the real life tony stark…

oh wait nvm thats just advert to drum up more business amongst a certain demographic…

but still id say id take an elon musk over a gordon gekko anyday

Its very generic and the vox are genuinely terrible. Its like he was trying to think up an audio version of a motivational poster.


Haha yeah. Like it’s the music & voice of his ego, of him being important