Tales from the isolation


man i live in seattle


National guard is on their way to LA, and apparently my biggest concern is “how do I get the package I just sold on ebay to FedEx?”. All things considered, nice problem to have as opposed to “crap where can I work? What am I gonna do to pay the bills? What about food?”. Still, that package is taking up a lot of floorspace in my room…


Creepy :flushed:


I think it is good to have everyday concerns like that. Don’t let the walls close in.


For those that are really bored Sebastian leger did an hour long stream of a studio session today. It wasn’t spectacular but I picked up a few tricks.


Meh, still having to work full time here…we have some unexplained slowness on our internal network, or the VMs, not sure what exactly, and that is being monitored at a high lvl in the company of course because everyone is working form home, so lots of checking on shit that probably is not related but just possibly could be. I started dismantling our old washing machine yesterday for parts…nice solenoid water valves, a pump, some cool springs and struts, plus I plan to make a fire pit out of the tumbler. I am so glad we got a new machine when we did…it would really suck right now if the old one had just died and we had to order a replacement in the current situation.


The wife and I were going there middle of April for our anniversary. Fly in to Portland, stay a night at Cannon Beach and then drive up to Seattle for 3 nights.

We had to cancel last week because of the shutdowns and everything just going full blown meh…

We plan to go in June now, unless this drags on.


From reading you guys, it seems the panic has hit the US far harder than it has France. I’m going grocery shopping almost every other day, the aisles are full, people are friendly, and I can even get fresh bread from the bakery store, extra croissant to reward me of going out in those times of distress.
The days seem to pass so quickly though. So far I only managed to do one thing per day. We’re doing collabs with some musician friends. Not really satisfied with the music but it’s fun, sending tracks to each other. The only thing that got me worried is a friend working at a hospital in Paris who told me about the situation there. Also every conversation tends to be about the virus and how long the lockdown will last and how it should have been managed. That’s a bummer.


I used to live in Portland, and Cannon Beach brings back a ton of memories. I hope you get to go, it is such a fantastic place, and drive from Portland through the coast range is great too (you probably know what already, just sayin’)


i hope you get to visit cannon beach and seattle soon. my girlfriend and i were supposed to go to cancun on the 26th for a couple weeks but obviously that fell thru. works closed so the last week has felt like summer vacation (except you cant actually go anywhere). for now i guess ill try to work on some music and play thru half life 2 for the umptillionth time.


@stemcollector @Creepr

We went to Portland and Cannon Beach last year but we’re going to, at least the plan, is actually stay a night in Cannon Beach this time. They have a dispensary and it seemed like it would be a neat place for a stay.

Seattle seems cool but that’s my wife’s deal, more than mine. I’d stay Cannon Beach longer, if it were me. Hopefully we’ll get to later on.

Hopefully we will all get to go places we were planning in 2020…but you never know.


Scribd is doing a free 30 days (no credit card required this time). Best freebie I’ve come across yet.


To keep myself busy, I’ve taken on a top-secret project. Mods, you might get to see it later in the week. If it goes really well, you’ll all see it, eventually.


No more calling it ‘social distancing’. Now we call it ‘physical distancing’.

I had a vision of this last night…as well as that woman claiming Corona diagnosis and caughing in the face of an emergency tech. All part of the dream…


And for metaside (and any with similar…experience), on 3/23 no less.


Since the beginning of the “shelter in place” order which started around a week ago, my life has changed minimally, due to my cool circumstances. Only thing different is everything that leaves the grocery store in a container is sprayed down with 190 proof ethanol before it comes into the house, amongst some other precautions. Played some Path of Exile with Nostro, ate a frozen pizza, now getting ready to watch some Netflix and smoke some weed in order to induce a panic attack. All in a day’s rest.


I’m going to be honest here and say the vast majority of people who are currently critically ill are going to die. The only realistic way to solve this is not with medicine. It’s with avoidance so that spread is controlled and the virus has a chance to mutate to something more docile. Plaquenil and a zpack are not going to kill this thing. It’s not that easy. Shit we’ve been handing out z-packs like candy for the last half decade anyway. The problem is that the virus causes ARDS. ARDS has been the bane of intensivists everywhere for the last decade. It is intensely fatal and now we have a virus that literally causes that. Isolation is the best chance we have right now. There is some cool stuff going on in new york with people trying to infuse the plasma of recovered patients into currently infected patients. This is hopeful. Maybe at somepoint when the figure out what the right antibodies are they can convert all the existing factories making immunomeds (like humira and the arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease medications out there) to mass producing monoclonal antibodies against COVID. That would be pretty epic and is frankly something that could be done. Let’s hope.


Luckily I am off work for a few days. And in isolation like everyone else. Maybe I can play with this stuff.


Nah, watch telly, complain on Facebook and buy toilet paper…


My work is going to keep working even though we’re due to get a stay at home order here today or tomorrow.

Only two people at the shop and limited interactions with the outside public due to us being a wholesaler.

Though it would be nice to be forced out for a week or more. Get some stuff finished and do nothing…


Lol. I’m just studying like a mofo. Reading all the studies I can and sending out anything I learn to the medical team. If I’m at home I can take the burden of reading for everyone else. Listening to some good old wisp albums.
Shimmering hour is goooood.