Tales from the isolation


I managed to do a bit of shopping last week, but finding TP was friggin’ crazy. Luckily I’m alright for a bit, but I would like to have a backup pack. Especially if we move to a total lockdown. May have to try the gas stations.


My job is encouraging people to both come to work and also stay at home. Asking people to contact HR (there is no HR right now). The other factory closed yesterday. There are no signs of life outside. A band was selling stickers online, I told them to pay the original artist instead. My body continues to ache from not using it


i stole like 12 rolls of tp from my work a couple days before isolating :+1:


That would creep me out. Sitting at home all day the neighborhood is about the same. But when I’ve made a supply run here or there it has been kinda creepy out. Like popping in to pick up an online coffee order from our favorite place down the street. They didn’t even have all the lights on.


My work has a bunch so we’ll be fine there. Just forgot to bring any home yesterday. I’ll have to grab some Monday and replace once this is all settled. So I’m lucky as well. Hopefully I won’t have to resort to 2S-ing…Shit then shower.

Also, @stemcollector nice to see you again bud. Not sure how long you been active again.

EDIT - And mixing multiple projects sucks major ass…


All I did today was sit in my kitchen, do some dishes, smoke a bowl, just made a cocktail. I did a lot of staring into the void. Haven’t watched any TV yet but too much Facebook.


I got into a drunk fight with my chair (I was very drunk this morning), luckily nobody was around to see it…(nobody is out…) Got a wicked scratch on my neck (luckily, I’m a masochist). Looks badass.


Log 6:
Looked on idmf…saw nothing…I just might be forced to read a book…


Liar. You saw something. What was it? Tell me! What was it?!


Called my ex-wife and son today. She’s still cool, and my son is bored.

Nobody is out.

I miss my friends.


Okay, I’m partying with some friends down the street. :stuck_out_tongue:

UPDATE: it didn’t end well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat:


Today was actually pretty good. Kept busy with a phone call for a bit, showered for the first time in 5 days, cleaned my computer keyboards (absolute breeding ground for germs and I touch them all day, so may as well). Played some videogames, watched my favorite parts from “Akira” with dinner, did dishes, and then watched a Caroll Shelby documentary with my parents. I wanted to pull out 007 or Kill Bill, but I work from home so their time will come, I’m sure.


I saw a ginger riding his bicycle…apparently he goes by gingerbeard


Got into a heated discussion on my friend’s back porch. We’re always at each other’s throats. I love that crazy woman. She was pissed that I showed up unannounced (we live three damn blocks away), reminded her that we never would have met if I hadn’t shown up unannounced. Sent her words of encouragement through text before she turned out the lights. We’ve gone through so much shit together. :stuck_out_tongue:


log 7: i refuse to read im resorting browsing imgur, and reddit tinder


good to be back, only been back a couple week or so and its great to see some familiar faces (avatars? usernames? you know what i mean)


Shelter in Place order in affect for Ohio at 11:59pm tomorrow.


Time to put that Netflix sub to use


Ive strangely been not wanting to watch TV. Which isn’t my norm. For some reason I just want to sit on FB on my laptop in the kitchen and stare into the void between clicking refresh.


My ass just got back from a business trip to Seattle. ‘Business critical’. Whatever.