Tales from the isolation


Yesterday was my turning point. I went out for a smoke break, walked back into my noisy factory job (we are a skeleton crew right now) and said to my boss:

“We shouldn’t be here. We shouldn’t be doing this. I’m leaving. I’m protesting.”

He was like “Hell yeah! I’m so proud of you!! I’m so mad that we’re still here!”

I walked out and blasted punk music. It was awesome. Meanwhile he’s still working tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

This morning I had to do some legal corporate stuff with one of the few managers left to make their job a bit easier, which wasn’t very punk rock. :stuck_out_tongue:

Illinois and my town are on the brink of a shutdown, and people are still in denial. I’ve unplugged all outlets except when in use (I’m on my phone at the moment). I ate my one sandwich today, and I’ve got a bit of money.

More updates after the weekend.


If I die you can have my digitone OK? Jeez.


Good that you all survive and thrive as you have. Despite the circumstances, the rate and depth of response and measure by at least most in the world have surprised me. Bigger things coming out of this…perhaps through a very small thing on its cusp…


Re - Cardi B: dayauum…I spank dat HO.




Still cant find a musical difference between Minaj and cardi…that being said both are hot though.


Still try not to, m’kay?


Our Glorious Prime Minister says he’s confident UK will be out of this in 12 weeks if everyone follows the rule. Then you have this…

Frankly people won’t take the lockdown seriously unless you enforce it…


log 5: tales of isolation

the forever of forever’s eternity has begun to sink in…the ghosts of idmf haunt me in my sleep…something fell…a supernatural presence has been awakened…it forebodes to post intelligently on idmf…in order to calm the irrationality brought on by fear of which everyone is experiencing…the dubious amounts of alcohol and cough syrup that i have ingested are causing hallucinations/epiphanies…im seeing visions of the akashik records containing the secret ancient knowledge of our alien ancestors that prophesized this event…in the coming months it predicts shockwave throughout the net were all the bandwidth from social media posts is seized and data is collected in order to create an artificial inteliigence/hive mind preserving all the knowledge of the human race in the event of upon societal collapse…but then nothing happens…days turn into years…and the panic of 2020 is forgotten in wave of political game playing for a futile cause and life as we know it has forever been adjusted…


but on a serious note though history repeats itself…evidence



Ok man just for you I’ll try not to die, and its only because you’re itallian :slight_smile:


I think we’ve had bars and restaurants closed for anything but carry out and delivery for a week and now the Governor has had to come on television and say “hey idiots that means you can’t sit in the parking lot in your car and eat GO THE FUCK HOME.”

I swear to the sweet baby jesus you let people do whatever they want and they mostly waste their dead ass lives on the couch, tell them they can’t go out for their own good and its an afront to their very freedoms. GOD DAMN I LOVE MURICA.

I can’t wait until Sunday when I’ll have something to grade…


I took pictures of my town last night while it was deserted. Got some good flairs with creative use of smudging my grease on the lense. Spilled a Deep Dark Secret to a guy friend of mine around 2 AM.

Ran into a music friend as he walked by my house today an hour ago. Inquired about another music friend who gave me a friendly honk last week. No news as of now.

Going to my parents to eat ribs (using precious gas money). Then I would LOVE to see a very close friend, but I know she’s going through her own shit, so I won’t.

That’s the update. The factory keeps giving me texts about hours… Nobody here will be working on Monday, mark my words.


A stay at home order was just issued right after I typed that. I’m going to see my parents today and then stay the fuck home.


That escalated quickly…


I’m a teacher in the UK. We’ve gone from a classroom based school to all online using Zoom in 3 days. I teach ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) to Syrian refugees who have very basic English.
As of Monday, I am teaching from home.
I might also get some free time to use my RD-8, hopefully. :drum:


Fellow teacher. I teach first year writing in the US at Uni. That sounds like a rough one. I often have ESL students in my writing classes that couldn’t get into the ESL version. Hang in there.


Thanks, man. You too!


I had a dream a couple nights ago, actually one I’ve had before, where I was staying at some nice hotel on the beach on some exotic tropical area with friends and family, then I go wandering around and end up finding this wallet, and it’s packed with cash. I take the cash, then leave to go back to my friends and family. Then, they are there, having a party, where there’s some party with other people from the hotel, and there’s this Columbia drug lord who I know is the one who’s wallet it was, and I suddenly feel kinda skiddish.


I’m fairly certain your subconscious wants cocaine and a beach vacation.


The real wtf comes afterwards when the media coincidently comes up with the same idea you had…that being said I’m not saying shit anymore its fucking scary to be a source of ideas for people…

…I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place dude…I mean yeah it’s good for minds to think alike when it comes to certain things…

But like Theres needs to be a balance between sharing similar ideas and being different as an individual…

Tbh I’m scared of my influence on people

Dont mind me drinking in isolation yields diarrhea of the intellect.