Tales from the isolation


My hospital in the midwest is now the are COVID-19 center for my city. Basically we will take all of the positive or suspicious patient from the other centers. One of our 3 ICUs is now negative pressure and prepped for COVID patients needing a breathing machine and we have to dress up in near HAZMAT gear to see those patients. One of our wards has been transition to COVID patients not needing a breathing machine. We are already developing algorithms for patients who will be taken off of the breathing machine to let die to allow for patients more likely to survive to be allowed on the machine. I expect to get infected at some point during all of this. I hope this doesn’t get as bad as italy has been hit. Everyone be safe.


Of all us you’re the one who doing more.
Thanks for that and keep up the good job!


I like to remind myself of the world we’re isolated from

nazi pedophiles ? now that’s a trend


He might not have to pay anything for a while of its a standard FASFA loan.


Ive been sent home to work form home for the forseeable future also. Luckily will all my remote admin and collab tools I can do 80% of my day to day from home anyway. Gonna self isolate for a while due to the asthma and bad lung capacity making me a prime “possibly dead guy” if I catch it.

Tonight gonna be playing D&D online with some old friends… ideal entertainment for the lockdown.


I’m sure you’re aware that there is a supervolcano in Yellowstone. Well, the one in Southern Utah is 30x it’s size. So…Lets hope the US doesn’t explode like some biblical tale.


Also I’m off work early today and at home fiddling with mixes and such…from my FAWM activities…

ANd…if you guys have nothing better to do, there is a new BB going on:


Anything happens to you can I inherit your Tempest?
Asking for a friend…


Watching news for that shelter in place order…also from news conference I heard a possible Vaccine is in trial…also I got a regular cold…no corona for me…meh.


Dude I sold it AGESSSSSS ago. I do kind of miss it though even still, its awsome.


I’d still like to give a Tempest a go some day myself. #GrooveBoxLove


No sir, I am busier at home than I was in the office. I dig that I can still work, but the load is not one bit lighter. We have a huge backlog of projects too…I don’t think I will have a slow day in the next month. Sucks having the wife and kids upstairs going stir crazy while I am trying to have meetings and configuring servers. I feel for them, but cannot take time away to hang with them.


That would be rough, man. Stay sane! Grab a pint.


log 3&4: tales of isolation

the days blur together in only what can described as a concoction of binge drinking, a minor cold, countless hours spent in my daw, and looking at idmf…





Bollocks, what are you leaving me then?
Jokes aside, stay indoor.


I feel you, had my first really busy day today, and I’m doing so well with all this that my boss is going to be giving me two new assignments, which will start to eat up more time. Working from home is nice, but I’m putting myself under a lot of pressure to not screw it up and find myself working harder (IE less breaks, less looking at the clock and pacing my day out) than I do at the office. Good news is I do get an extra hour for music in the morning while I’m inspired and work my best, so that’s been nice. But then today I just slept in 2 hours and blew that. Didn’t feel good.


Just so damn’d expensive.


My partner just squealed from the other room “omg you’ll never guess what happened!” and I’m thinking they fucking shut the state down or something but no its drama from her cat TNR non profit group on facebook lol. Apparently they had a coup and just outed their ass-hat-y leaders.