Tales from the isolation


Thanks! She goes sharp twice, but it’s all good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Unlisted because it’s still a work in progress. She can do vibrato, which I never figured out, but I can wail and also scream. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yeah, I don’t get the new stuff (I have to hear it at work). I call it “babies first R&B” and makeout music for 13 year olds.


Many thanks to all who wished me well. Yesterday I got my COVD test results … negative (as expected)

The even better news is that I’m in the mend … my antibiotic course ends Monday.

Looking forward to feeling normal


Fun factoid: the woman who transfered from second shift to first shift on my day job was the first gay marriage in my hometown back in 2009.

Yay for fun facts!


I live in Arkansas, have had arthritis all my life, and just got a medical marijuana card.

Holy shit. For most of my life I subsisted on seed-infested brick weed and only in the past few years got access to high-grade hydroponic shit. Now I can walk into a shop and buy bud, edibles, extracts, etc. Also, still have a job, just got a good eval and a cash bonus.

Trying a bit of everything. I’m so high right now. Edibles are evil and I forgot about the bowl I packed hours ago, don’t need it. I should be listening to music, why am I typing?


First self-portrait in fifteen years. Mechanical pencil.


I’ve ironically become more social than I’ve been in years. E-mailing and texting people I’ve not seen in a while. Being more active online. Annoying my family by picking up the saxophone for the first time in over a decade. It’s strange.


Lol, college is back in session. This town is crawling with students from Chicago. Nice move.

Also, half my relatives in Chicago are all positive they’re all screwed for two weeks.


I’m doing that thing that ostriches do when they’re scared; stop reading the news, stop answering the phone and slither down into their office chair with their head in their palms