Tales from the isolation


Got the cords and the hard drives work!!! All my music stuff is saved.


Dude that sounds just as bad as smoking money wise. I quit cold turkey but I was down to three or less cigs a day at that point.


Make your own cigs, it’s what I do. Cheap as hell.


All music files have been transferred, but I haven’t started messing with that stuff yet.

This third party-scanning software is awesome. Way better than the stuff that came with mine, and the quality is better. Made a scan of the latest collage last night, but I ended up screwing it up and cropping it accidentally. It was just a test run anyway. I’ll be redoing that after lunch and house cleaning.

I sent it to a friend, and her response was “It’s naughty, but I like the colors.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Went through some old stuff. This is copied from facebook. I thought it was worth sharing:

This snippet is probably my favorite on-stage musical moment. I had an idea in my head about doing something on a keyboard, Mio managed to snag one. She didn’t show up to soundcheck because she was hitting up a bar (very usual behavior :stuck_out_tongue:), so we couldn’t even plug it in until it was on stage, and I didn’t even know if it was gonna work. Then I hit those keys and that floor tom, Mio twirled and MiMi Hey (my nickname for him) did something on guitar he had never done before and could never replicate. THAT was a good moment. Video and sound quality is crap.


Got my scanner up and running. Had some driver problems. Scanned this new collage.

Too large to view on the site, but that’s okay since it’s slightly NSFW


I was thinking “wut this guy talkin’ bout NSFW” and then the bottom loaded.

That’ll show me.


Ha, you missed the third-eye vagina.


I feel for you my dude. Austin hasn’t been that nuts. Mainly wear a mask where prohibited, some restaurants have opened and they check your temp and nature and you’re good. My wife’s family has a boat and house here as well, so we’re taking our 2nd run out this weekend. Drinks and swimming. We just aren’t allowed to hook up to other boats, directly.

Besides the plus side, I’m hoping my company doesn’t fall prey to the “red” of an accounting book. Large international company that I’m hoping eats it to a degree. My wife and I bought a house, so. … …

Edit my career or my company has us working daily, but sales up or down could strike too much. I don’t know. Can’t really minimize my branch more, at least my position.


Nice collage.

No sex joke here, it’s a genuinely good collage.


What we’ve slowly come to realize at work is that people are making bank on unemployment at the moment. My sister’s in town on unemployment (it’s legit. She hasn’t had a job since December (moved to Hawaii, moved back, moving next week, etc)). She told me if she’s on unemployment until June, she won’t have to work for a year, which is sickening (she’s going back to school though, so good on her for banking the system). Meanwhile we are busting our asses on half staff just to make ends meet.

At work we’re just hoping that the people showing up will get compensated in some way. Some places are getting some pay raises, extra vacation, etc. Not here. Just furloughed. Illinois, and this town are a little weird, and we’re all fucking sick of hearing about the virus. I have a new group of six elderly walkers who walk VERY slowly by my house at 6 AM, which is my morning smoke time, and that’s all they talk about. No masks, no distancing. Crawl back into your holes. Who are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

The good news is that even with my weird hours, my saving habits have kicked in HARD (they were kicking in right before all this), and my account keeps growing (not saying too much, I’ve basically been pretty broke for the last four years, but I survived Moab on 275 every two weeks. :stuck_out_tongue: ) so I don’t mind too much.


Thanks! I wish my scanner was a bit better, but it’s a start. Better than the only one in town, at least. I may just be new to this. I’m still learning. Totally different than making something on a computer.

I’ve posted others in the art thread.


I feel you there. I’m sick of hearing about it because it hasn’t really changed anything for me, currently. Sales are going to dip, in the near future but as long as the current mind set doesn’t sit too far outside of 1month, freight ships take away from my inactivity. However, company-wise, we’re normally ramping up, from the first quarter, building/making orders until the year ends. I’m sure it’s similar to you guys, with windows( at least I think that’s what you mentioned). If not, I apologize.

I’ve worked at my current place for 9 years in November. It’ll be nuts if that changes this year. I had 3 weeks vacation, now I don’t seemingly even know where I can go to use it. Might just pay out my bull shit hours this year. Especially after buying a home during this time. I hope it’s all good, at least in that sense.


Yeah, it sounds pretty similar. I’m just an operator, so I’m pretty low on the totem pole (and yeah, I help make windows…). My coordinator is being moved to a new line and nobody is happy about it. My manager (thank god my old one is on furlough for two weeks) told me he called his boss an asshole for doing this, but again, I keep my head down at work and don’t really know who’s reporting to who. The plant is expanding, and you can’t stop progress.

I honestly have no idea what’s going on. I work with people who have children, who are dating people with children, and most people are admitting that they don’t have much money (and there are no kids in school).

I’m so happy that I live alone, don’t pay much in bills, and don’t pay child support. One of my closest friends at work told me he needs every hour he can get.

Our sales are REAL low at the moment, probably the same everywhere else. I have 14 hours of vacation time left, because I used mine to dig myself out of a financial hole after car trouble on a trip to Moab I went on with a lady I was dating (I don’t even WANT to know what her family is going through. At least we’re facebook friends again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Yea, hopefully everyhting is chill. Ican or could see where it wouldn’t be.


My job is the opposite of chill. :joy: But we remain in high spirits. :v:


I’ve been spending my evening optimizing Windows 10. Now it’s time for a movie.


Public service announcement:


Ha. I read that smoking weed can leave you susceptible to The Virus.


One ill-informed opinion is as good as any other :smiley:

The amount of noise surrounding prevention/avoidance is huge and unfortunately social media spreads misinformation like wildfire. For me, unless I’ve read/seen a trusted source I ignore it. By trusted source I don’t mean necessarily perfect but at least relatively reliable, like the official NHS feeds.


Everyone was writing that a few weeks ago, but I didn’t find any research that really suggested it. I think it was mostly based on “it’s bad for you, so why should it help with this, huh?” evidence. It’s a bit similar imho for the discussion of nicotine, see for instance here:

No idea what’s really the case since there isn’t much real research on it out there, and of course, smoking things is kinda bad for you in general obviously.