Tales from the isolation


I got a free wiped Windows 10! Ben Steed has been helping me with some computer stuff.

I just removed those annoying stickers on the bottom right. What an eyesore.


Word. I do that on all my PCs. I don’t pay other people to advertise for them.

On my last laptop, even the brand was a metallic emblem that was just stuck on, so my last laptop was just this grey metallic slate. Until the hinge stopped being a hinge and peeled my laptop in half when I tried to close it. The insides were all kinds of colors.


Yeah, I kinda want to get black electrical tape just to cover up the rest of these logos. Sighhhhhh, on my next run. (Life is so hard. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I don’t even know why they exist really, outside of being a store shelf display. Lol why advertise about something you already own.

It’s a weird laptop flex. physical bloatware XD


FINALLY heard back from my friend after days of radio silence. Sent her pics of a recent solo abandoned house adventure.

Got into it with my ex-wife last night over how our son should be parented. She’s a negative reinforcement type. I can’t wait until I can talk to him on his own. The kid’s a fucking genius.

I slept half the day away trying to get rid of a headache. Getting used to this new screen. I’m gonna try to sleep, but I doubt it’ll happen. This computer is the shit, and I’m proud of myself for replacing this screen.


Flux can help with that. I have it cranked so that I basically don’t have blue after like 8 PM on any computer or my phone. It all gets green. Does make seeing my basses and pads at a glance a bit of a pain (since I usually color code bass green and pads blue). They both end up a really dark green.


A friend of mine died last night. Don’t know how it happened yet.


ouch that sucks. someone in the US?


Someone in town. Heroin overdose. I knew in my gut immediately when I heard.


Sorry to hear that. I had a friend who died from drugs too. He had a lot of emotional/psychological problems the entire time I knew him, and as he got more and more into drugs me and his circle of friends started distancing themselves from him and his behavior. When he died we all wondered if we’d done the right thing in doing that. I still wonder.

Life sucks sometimes.


We all distanced ourselves from him the minute that shit started up again.

One month ago - “If I hadn’t quit heroin, I’d be a dead man now.”


Aaaaaand, I killed the thread. :stuck_out_tongue:



I got really annoyed with people today. I must have seen about a dozen or more people not wearing masks. I didn’t give them dirty looks or be a dick about it. Instead I pondered about how 2 1/2 months ago I was kind of laughing inside whenever I saw someone with a mask, and now I’m getting all butthurt when I see people without them.

The situation has completely turned around.


My friend died, and he can’t be allowed a proper funeral because of the fucking “threat of Covid-19”

I’m consoling another friend who was uncontrollably shaking and sobbing when she heard the news and had to be escorted from work to her home.

Masks are a very minor point of contention at this point (at least in my personal life).

This collage is almost done. Still needs some work.

Don’t mind me. I’m I’m in a mood.


I hope things goes better for you in the near future.


I hope the best for you and all of his friends. I had a person who died with the same profile, everybody wondering if they could have done something for him, all talking about his wasted potential, how “if it hadn’t been for that habit” he would have been a wonderful person. You’re doing well to be here for the people who survive him and need comfort.

talking about isolation, I went to fetch a package I received but la poste wouldn’t deliver at my home, so I had to go grab it at the other side of the city. The guy told me he had orders not to let people sign on his app, and he wrote C19 on the screen instead, then he asked me to pick up my ID from the desk myself. Nevermind that he had his hands and fingers all over my phone just a minute earlier, trying to zoom in on the tracking number of my delivery.


Thanks, all. Didn’t mean to hijack the thread.

Yeah, this covid shit is annoying. You can go to the shoe store, but not the dentist, and you can’t have a funeral, and everybody is still touching everything everywhere. Whatever.


And my damn gas leak is back. GRRRR!!!

Time to make some phone calls and hide the porno mags I’m chopping up for this collage.

The good news is that the cords to connect my old hard drive should be here tomorrow. The next step in making music again.


This scanner does not appear to work on this computer after hours of messing with it. Gonna look into third party software.

Just gimmie Ableton back. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really sorry to hear about your buddy man. Opiates are a wild ride. It’s intense how certain substances can nearly kill you and people always go back. Everyone at our age has known someone who’s OD’d and had their fucking heart stop multiple times (and you think that’d be scared straight) but nah… the hook is too real.

My condolences for your loss buddy.

In other news I’m officially out of vape pods and going to try to suffer the next few days to quit the Juul habit. Shit is so addicting its nuts, and costing me like $40 a week. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk. Hold me bros