Tales from the isolation


Haha, the dude at work lives in the woods and has two for hunting once in a blue moon. He also has machetes. :stuck_out_tongue: He’s super laid back.

It’s just a lot of joking back and fourth (I’ve got one steak knife…and the last loaf of bread in town :stuck_out_tongue:) but I will DEFINTELY be hanging with that guy if Illinois shuts down, which is looking more likely by the minute. Probably three days of work left, if that.

Meanwhile my sister lives in Maui with her boyfriend in a shack, smoking homegrown weed and eating fruit, while sipping martinies on the beach taking pics of sea turtles…that lucky bitch. :rofl:


That’s cool man. That is not even near what I’m talking about…you know the crazy bunker people who make their kids run drills.


I’m now kind of addicted to this thread, and will use this opportunity as a general update…

I’m hoping my coworker and me can take a funny pic of us dressed in camo hoarding over food and booze with weapons in hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also hoping we can go to work on a voluntary basis. That way I can work the system and get 40 hour weeks instead of 56. We’ll know soon. I got a little bonus coming this week, so that’s cool. Everything else around here is basically shutting down, while fat people hoard food (I’m glad I practice intermittent fasting. I can survive on half a meal every two days. Also glad I only shower twice a week as it is, and glad my son is safe and sound in Japan with his mom and family who make WAY more money than me (and she’s still laughing about the paper shortage, because that already came and went over there. :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I didn’t mention that my solid state drive crapped out on me last week. I managed to get a new one installed for free from a friend who I helped with some legal shit late last year when the school district was trying to kick her autistic kid out of school (haha, that’s pretty funny now…:stuck_out_tongue:) , Music stuff was saved but it has Windows 10 now (yes, I was still using 8) and I don’t want to deal with re-registering and figuring out how to get my music stuff up and running and back in order, but maybe I’ll have time…I’m definitely glad I got a working laptop again considering the circumstances… I might just make a catch all release with all of my unreleased music just to be safe. There’s so much…

When I told my friend about it at the bar on Saturday (before everybody got miserable), her first response was “What about your porn collection?!!” to which I replied, “Baby, I got that shit backed up on THREE hard drives” which is the truth (we may have had a fling early last year…long story :rofl:).

One good thing is that I don’t have to see my recent ex-fling EVERY night I go out. Still a bit sour about that one. She was just starting to get a bit freaky. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sent a package of my complete Buddha manga last week to our good pall Ben Steed that I meant to send years ago.

And have been working on collages and getting them all scanned. Sent one on Saturday to an old flame I met in Moab for three days. I hope she gets it. I got two more left that I need to collect (I really should stop making collages for women I sleep with…). I’ll post them all in the relevant thread, watermark free. Got a new one brewing…“Boundless Appetite”


hahaha, man, I am looking forward to hearing about your adventure…

…I will be posting terrible forelorn poetry (almost as awful as Vogon poetry) from my dreary, gray window of self isolation


Supposedly Facebook is now flagging legit news articles as against community standards in the US. Supposedly. I was able to post right in a row three Covid-19 articles from local sources w/o being blocked at all.


They all end in tragedy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Posted my collages in the “post your art thread.” I’m done for the evening. Too fucking tired tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:


To the guy who bought all the eggs at every single fucking grocery store near me:


^ugh : ( fucking sucks brah we bought a little extra but didn’t go nuts


Conserving food…in case they issue that stay in place order


big ass 5.7 earthquake in Utah today.

I slept through it.

Woke up to my phone sending public alerts and people losing their shit.

Whats up with 2020 anyways, lol fuckin’ over it


Feels like this year is gonna be a write-off for a lot of people. I’m still doing some stuff musically (though tbh this whole thing kinda has me in a gloomy mood and I have to really force myself to do anything with music). But my new year’s resolution, the main one, was to get out and try and meet people once a month. January was Ok, February I got lazy and let a family funeral count (kinda doubled as a family reunion and I did reconnect with a few people though), and now I haven’t left my house in a week. There went that one.


fwiw, the “24/7” lock down in San Fran lets people go out for groceries afiak yea as far as I can see from a few quick reads I wouldn’t worry too much it sounds like a more broadly written version of what our governor has done in Ohio

I know an Uber driver here who reported to us yesterday that by 7pm the streets were pretty much empty of traffic and people are mostly staying home on their own

I’d worry more about the assholes rushing out to buy all the food, they are the ones that will make it difficult to get supplies as everything will be a little slower.

TMZ was the first to report, that I saw, about the “lockdown” and used that term (fucking trailer trash of journalism).


IDMf watch party anyone?


does usatoday still not realize ‘netflix and chill’ specifically refers to sex?


either that or they think Millennial in-person movie nights are also orgies…


being in quarantine while earthquakes hit is pretty shit ngl.

another 4.7 just hit. After the 5.7 this morning.

Fun shit living on a fault line.


Am I the only one working from home and being actually busy?


Yep. At least around IDMf…


I don’t start instruction at one school again until March 30th. The other Uni I teach at canceled class last week, we are having class this week, then Spring Break.

I already have been trained to teach part-online courses, so transferring my classes online was easy. Also all the meetings and emails told me to give less work rather than more–basically their MO is make it easy on students so they enroll in classes for next semester.

I’m teaching 5 classes of research writing and one basic essay writing class. So it is basically waiting around for writing to grade or requests to conference by email or Skype about their writing.

So right now I have a lot of free time and its fucking awful if I’m honest. I have freelance writing to work on but its like 250 word SEO blogs re-written from previously published articles. I only need to do a few a day to keep up.

My GF works from home normally so I can only do music stuff on headphones during the day and even with my expensive, open back studio headphones I can only take so much before my ears get tired.


You know, I just realized my brother’s graduation (college) ceremony is probably going to be cancelled, and I need to get him something for graduation…

Super bummed for him because even though the US is cancelling student loan interest, he’s still gonna have payments to make and no income coming in.