Tales from the isolation


Tell that to the pyramids. Oh wait, I forgot, aliens built them.

I’m DIY replacing the actual screen in time. Times are a little weird right now… This baby can cook way harder than any fucking tablet, that’s for sure.


Oh man, my dad does those and it disgusts me. Like, I did it a few times when I turned 18 and I hated it. Never again.

Now, roulette, that’s a gentleman’s game.


That lady I was seeing for a bit helped me with a crossword scratch off last December that I got for a present. I promised her half the reward. We got five bucks and I paid her the 2.50 that was promised. :stuck_out_tongue:

People buying scratch offs are horrible enough at gas stations, but it’s even worse now with all this stuff going on. You can see the guilt in their eyes (not much else to see but eyes at the moment…)

It’s not uncommon to see somebody spend 80 bucks they won on more scratch offs. I never gamble with my money (only my integrity).


The pyramids are about 4500 years old. They won’t likely be recognizable or even be there in 6000 years.

Shitty alien engineering.


Damn people are struggling everywhere


extra large screen extension! nice.


I think that’d be awesome, to be able to make something that just lasts for an incredibly long time with no maintenance or anything. It just works. That’d be amazing.

I think about satellites we’ve sent out, the Voyager satellites have been traveling for over 40 years. sure, that’s hardly comparable to 10,000 years, but I wonder how they’ll just be drifting out into space forever.

It’d be nice to see some kind of monument, be it a building or a clock, or anything, that simply withstands the passing of time.


I hate that whenever I’m in one of those chairs on a hard floor. I always like carpet, cuz then at least the carpet holds the wheels a bit. I’ve had that and it’s like, “GOD DAMMIT, STAY STILL!!!”


It’s four AM and I am awake (went to bed too early last night). I can hear some kids causing riffraff down the street. Today’s goal, get my sheets washed, those things are getting a bit gamey.

No heat until Monday (guh, I can’t even remember if I mentioned THAT whole thing…)

Mio got a job. Thank god. That’s one thing I don’t have to worry about, at least.

Current word on the street is that the schools will not be reopening in August (I have friends and family who work in the schools and the university). It’s going to create a domino effect, as most businesses here rely on the college students. This town is shit enough as it is. I’m grateful that my job has nothing to do with the school, but again we’re at less than half capacity right now. If one person takes off work, everybody is reshuffled.

I had a trial by fire day yesterday, where I was put in charge of three robots I’d never worked before. Just as i was about to lose it, i got put on the scrap saw, which is my favorite thing in the plant. Monday it’s back to my old line…working the wrapper being yelled at by my old/current manager to hit those percentages. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My mondays are lame, but at least I’m getting paid.

46 cases in this town, two deaths. It’s beginning…

As for the clock thing, I guess it’s something for the Morlocks. :stuck_out_tongue:


And I just want to take this opportunity to say that I really like this thread. I don’t really respond and “heart” everything, and sometimes I just glance over a post, but I enjoy the banter. I’m not all that active on the rest of the site, but this thread is a nice place to post about what I’ve been up to. My online and phone social life has been booming (and people say that nobody talks on the phone anymore).

About to start some more computer hi-jinks, but I think I’ll sip on this vodka and watch more youtube for now…

Also, LAUNDRY UPDATE because I know everybody cares: I’m gonna do my laundry at my parent’s tomorrow (visiting for Mother’s Day), I promised myself that I wouldn’t leave the house today. Might hit a friend up to come over and watch a movie later. I have a shirt that I promised was hers, but only in exchange for a movie (also, she has two of my collages I wanna scan…) We shall see…


I just want to go back to 16 hours ago and say that I fucking L O V E love Circle K in Akron, OH. Like if you ever need a visual template for a new character and a little personality and dialog to get you started, Circle K got you!

When we first moved to east Akron, we went to the Circle K down the street from us for the first time and there was some dude in there with a hospital gown and fleece pants on. Suddenly all the employees start yelling and there is this dude stuffing bottles of wine down his pants and running out the door.


Ha! Circle K around here is the worst. There’s a tiny little lass that works there that I used to hang out with in high school, but meth did it’s work. She looks twenty years older than me, and she’s…not older than me.


Yea, that is Circle K in Akron too unfortunately. If I went to high school here I’d probably have a similar story.


Okay, Nostromer got his collage, so here’s a pic of it:


Again, you’ve really got an eye for this!


Thanks again @Vlantis, that was a sick trade. My alien fangirl senses are off the charts today :wink:


Isolation has been good for my creative endeavors. Just started Blender three weeks ago or so, and making progress on my cityscape!

I had to totally rebuild all the building generator planes for low poly, but this badboy with my new specs cut down about 80% of my render time.

Orange block is just a placeholder for a main flying car, need to do some hardsurface modeling meshwork later, and also there’s no skybox or weather.

Hope in another couple weeks to get all the volumetrics, holograms, effects, and main buildings in place, but for now the camera framing and scene is set up!

Any tips? Not sure I like the red, although the frequency will be changing with added lighting effects. I think I might add more flying cars as well… and work more on the shaders.

IT AINT MUCH BUT ITS HONEST WORK! :stuck_out_tongue:


Greeble geeble.


Pretty greebly indeed! Although this was all constructed out of a particle system, into another particle system, which was a fun surface generation modifier twist. Still came out with the desired effect nicely though!


Awesome work man! Some ideas that might make a difference without too much render time increases:

  • make the orange window more square-shaped and randomize the “lights” on/off
  • clean the orange lights off the roofs
  • introduce a few round or less square-like shapes for the city (maybe a few big domes or towers)
  • the roofs with the little square on top looks a bit strange ^^