Tales from the isolation


I currently got superglue all over the place. Used a knife to get rid of it from the glass. It chewed up some stuff, but I’m letting it sit and doing this properly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I always end up super gluing something to myself when I use it lol

@Vlantis I think acetone will breakdown your basic super glue if you need to clean something up.


did you all fucking see this lol


Lol this is wild @relic, what the fuck.

What’s the best case scenario for this kind of thing? In the ultimate dystopia when all electricity is killed off in EMP warfare and our tech is dead, some drunk cock in the mountains can walk in on this and go…

“Oh cool I think we can probably scrap a lot of this metal”?

For use in a time where time doesn’t matter, maybe.

It’s cool in theory that being said.


I mean what the fuck else is this dude gonna do with that money…he got divorced and still has god-like money


I’m a watch guy and I missed it.

Accurate timetelling is hard. Accurate timetelling over this kind of timescale has never been done before. I mean, think about the past 3 thousand years or so, we:

  1. Added a couple months in to the calendar, most notably August

  2. Reset our currently agreed upon year count to 0 once. There were probably some others for a while too, which means some history isn’t recorded in terms of BC/AD and still needs conversion.

  3. Reset the calendar again in like 1200 or something, skipping a month and a half in the process.

  4. Added leap years, leap days, and leap seconds to the calendar.

  5. Defined the seconds, minutes, and hours at some point, didn’t really start keeping regularly accurate track of them until 400-500 years ago, and even that was only accurate for a given village.

  6. Began keeping accurate, synced time around the world around 200 years ago.

  7. Redefined the second (and therefore the minute and hour) to be a certain number of vibrations of a specific cesium atom.

  8. Set up a group of atomic clocks that all computers worldwide reference to keep an agreed upon time worldwide.

And this is not even 1/3 of the way through the 10,000 year span of that clock. It can’t trust that society will even still view time in the same way as we do now in 10,000 years, so it can’t have any external reference that isn’t something like THE FRICKING SUN. Good luck changing that significantly in 10,000 years.


Literally every article I’ve read on it or anything I’ve listened to about it has said basically this…like why are you assuming this will even be relevant in 10, 000 years? By then if there are humans will they even recognize it as a time piece at all ?


I think it’s interesting. This thing will probably have a bathtub curve where it will have a bunch of interest during and just after construction, then it’ll be forgotten about, then it might survive and some future society might be able to rediscover it and figure out what it’s doing. Kinda like the renaissance. And who knows, maybe they reverse engineer something out of it and they can rebuild their society that bit faster. IDK, deep time is some trippy shit.


Oh I’m not saying it isn’t interesting, just that the conundrum is part of how it is fascinating.



I’m really pushing the first world problems here aren’t I


@White_Noise Don’t be one of those watch dicks who spends A SHIT TON OF MONEY on a fancy fucking watch. :stuck_out_tongue:

@nostromer If you only knew what I’m dealing with right now. No heat (it’ll be fixed on monday I’m told…) and slouched over this crazyass setup only to have to brave social distancing at a pharmacy two blocks away from my house just to buy some vodka so I can get to work on another collage. :stuck_out_tongue:

My sisters’s gonna be in town Monday until the end of the month, we are old karaoke partners in crime. I’m trying to get a three person party going, Everything will be doused in rubbing alcohol.


In case anybody was wondering, this is what my computer setup actually looks like. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is where tablets come from :wink:


I was going to be, but I mostly blow my watch money on synths :stuck_out_tongue: I have 4 right now, all gifts so far. The most I could ever see myself spending if things go really right is around 5-6k on an Omega Seamaster. I’ve loved those things since the first time I saw one like 10 years ago. But there’s no other watch I’d spend that much on, and there’s nothing more expensive I like (and I’ve looked).

And 6k is like, Eventide H9000/dream PC/Deckard’s Dream/trashed project car territory. So even if I had the cash today, probably not blowing it on the watch.


I think the thing is that we as a species have never attempted to build something to last over that kind of time span. Even just a structure. And time is something integral to the way we perceive ourselves and the universe, so it’s sort of a symbol of understanding and our place in things. Then there’s the connection of a clock (which measures time) that lasts 10,000 years (a scale we’re not used to thinking about). It’s a apropos gesture to our place in the universe or something…

I think the real push here is to design and implement something that lasts that long, not so little mutant dalek kids know when to come in for dinner.


This makes me sick. :stuck_out_tongue: I have no idea what you do and how you make your money, but yeah…6K on a watch is fucking gross… (I say this with love!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Redneck neighbor across the creek in my backyard is fighting with his ex (I work with her). They got a kid together, but she’s seeing some REAL redneck asshole at work with another kid. Morgan hasn’t shown up for almost two months now. She’s twently and I really miss her. Where’s Morgan??? She’s one of my best work friends…

I am also seeing on my few Facebook friends that the strain of at-home parenting is taking it’s toll…

Got my vodka! Gonna do some art.

I need to call my friend Mio in Japan and encourage her to take up a part time job, no matter what. She has no income at the moment and is bipolar and breaking down…


He should obviously blow it at the casino.


Blow it on scratch offs! :joy:

Just giving White Noise some shit. :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to see a motherfucker walk into the Kum-n-Go and buy $5k worth of dollar scratch offs. I’d stand and watch. That’s so baller.


Better yet, let’s do Circle K. Okay, now I’m officially being distracted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v: