Tales from the isolation


Kind of one of those unspoken things, as a male, IDK. My parents drug me through mowing a fucking acre sized yard my entire childhood and I hated it - so much that my dad would buy me joke books on how to mow it better every year.

Now as an adult something clicked and I just get a serious satisfaction out of some landscaping and mowing. Fuckin’ odd trigger to say the least. Haha.


Ha! Last week I finally figured out who is mowing my lawn. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I got no garage, and don’t want to spend two hours in my yard when it can be done in ten minutes).

  1. Weird, right? It was actually a niche Canadian whiskey blend that was really only available up north and competed with DeKuyper’s Hot Damn (despite being stronger and whiskey based).

They really ramped up their distribution and marketing in the late 00’s, which coincided with the flavored spirits boom. They key to their success was a widespread marketing campaign and heavy discounts in on-premise (read: bars), where they basically comped bottles for bartenders to make clever shots with. It’s now the top selling liqueur in the US. Wild shit.


Pickle bread. New recipe. Todays distraction. Needs more pickle.


Fuckin’ genius. Dill gang unite.

How is it?


The concept is good. Needs more dill and more pickle. Shoulda guessed but I always follow the directions the first time.


Whoa, that’s interesting! That’s a crazy marketing strategy! I’ve been looking through articles on all this, and it seems Fireball was originally made by Seagram, sold in a line of flavored liquors, who sold it to the Sazerac Company in 1989, who currently owns it, and didn’t do anything with it until all that you said happened!


Fireball is white trash baby making fuel.


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’ve always gotten Relic and IO Madness mixed up. Who is who?? Relic is the guy who lives on a farm and teaches Uni, but IO also teaches Uni?? You two will always be my mix-and-match. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I almost hung out with Relic on new year’s eve, but he just HAD to invite some ex-raver friend over earlier… I think I got that story straight…

Prepping a karaoke video. I gotta send it to somebody, but also want to post it in this thread, which has become my catch-all outlet.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard that from you, ever.

I live in Wyoming, I work at a Uni but I don’t teach, I’m a coordinator for audio and lighting technical services. I smoke weed, and I don’t drink very often.

Relic lives in California, lives on a farm, and is not above double fisting beverages :fist: lol I can’t recall what his job is.

Relic is also a moderator, while I am not.


We also look different.




False. I live in California, Relic is from one of those square states east of the mississippi… I think.


Ahhhhh maybe I’m thinking of @bfk


Dude I’m in fucking imagination land…


I thought @relic was in midwest Ohio or Minnesota or some shit.

The american education system in terms of geographic memory has totally failed me.


Haha! Relic and IO look exactly the same. :grin:

Yeah, it was definitely Relic who I almost hung out with. I think…

Still working on this karaoke video. Why do random videos taken at my parties sound so good, but the minute you try to stage something, it sounds like shit? Okay, next step: use my phone and point it away from all sound sources. (Just woke up).

Two random people are trying their best to mow my neighbor’s lawn with push mowers. The noise better not fuck with my recording! I hope they don’t ask about the Frontier cable I cut the other day…


OH. Haha. I remember this. I invited you over to NYE but then my girl said no because I had invited really bad guest to a party of ours recently and she was just done with shady people from my past and Vlantis got lumped in with all the pimps and murderers I used to hang out with.

Also, I’ve never lived on a farm, but live in the rural suburbs on the east side of the city. If you aren’t driving towards the city from my house you are basically driving towards the country lol.

And yes, I live in Akron, Ohio. Rubber City baby!


Well, tell your girl that she sucks. :joy:

Whatever, I got to hang out with Lug the next summer. THAT was some epic crap. Infamous dude who stole my music and was in town for a day showed up at my house during a karaoke party.

A friend asked me “Is it okay if he comes by? I know you guys have a history.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Me and Relic hardly look alike. He’s like the chill good time guy, and I’m a mad scientist/sample cutter.

Geez Vlantis, we’ve only been on the same forum for like 10 years.

I remember when you were nice and kinda quiet, until Benwaa was giving you crap about the interview videos and not editing them more quickly. After that you kinda turned. Now you’re always salty about something.


Holy shit. No, I was always salty. Toad posted porn on my thread! Some guy named radiowaves hated me! I caused some drama. GBSR and Hellscion had it out for me, and let’s not mention the time I was given access to the mod area. Shit, I made a bunch of banners for the site, too!

I almost met Muse once, but the weather prevented it, and Antenna wanted to fuck me (PM shit), but whatever. Had some nice Skype chats with Mindsweeper.


Aghhh, that’s messed up, everyone out for you.

That’s some good karaoke!