Tales from the isolation


Fuckin WORD


Lol, gas leak at my place. Chillin outside with a beer.


Ha! I just joked to somebody today that not wearing a mask in Illinois is like smoking in public in SLC. :joy::joy:


Somebody is blaring “Don’t Stop Believing” from the local highschool. I’m cutting this fucking Frontier chord in my backyard right now. Don’t worry, I’ll ground myself.

UPDATE: I cut that shit with a pair of scissors and threw the leftovers in my woodpile behind the creek. I’ve tried to get them out here to fix it before., and the property is deserted. I don’t need that shit in the mower (I pay people to mow my lawn, because I don’t have a garage.)


They make a god worthy Bourbon w the barrels of that beer. It is so sweet and dark caramel on its own its not even good to make mixed drinks with. Defo in my top three Bourbons.

That beer is amazing too :ok_hand::heart_eyes::+1:


Bulliet whiskey. Honey. Brown sugar. 7 whole cloves. Golden Delicious apples. Will be a month or so until ready. But prepping for the Covid banger we’ll have when we can! Recipe below.

I cant ever seem to put too little cinnamon so I dont anymore bc it just tastes like Fireball I spent too much money and time on.

Also, apple type affects the outcome. I used these bc they were gonna go bad. I like really tart or really sweet. Curious to see what middle of the road will be like.

2.5 medium sized apples ea jar. About an inch of honey. Two big three finger pinches of brown sugar. 7 whole cloves each. Fill w booze. These are tall skinny bell jars, tallest measurement marking is 18ozs. Took about 3/4 a fifth of Bulliet.


My sister’s fiance works for Bullet!!

He was laid off a month ago…

First time I ever got drunk was on two bottles of Fireball. The next day was…not pleasant.


Ive been buying the shit out if Bulliet :frowning: doing my part but Ive only one liver!

Fireball is disgusting. Sorry not sorry. It isnt whiskey lol. My first hangover was from Aftershock which was a peppermint/cinnamon garbage booze that had sugar crystals on the bottom of the bottle.


I don’t drink anymore but when I did Maker’s Mark and Wild Turkey were my preferred two. Oh and Glenlivet 12 year


haha, the first liquor I ever tried was aftershock


That’s literally the only thing people drank in Wyoming besides Budlite when I lived there. Maybe @IO_Madness can confirm lol.

That recipe is killer @relic I’m totally gonna have to try that out!


Its so fucking good. You may have to filter the stuff out if it sits too long. Usually not a problem. You can also peaches which Ill do when they are in season.

Going to experiment w an orange simple syrup, clove and star anise version. Make the syrup w orange peel, pour it peel and all into the jar. Let it setup a bit then and everything else. Or maybe the orange w a vanilla bean.


I know a dude who’s got an old bottle of Aftershock. Never tried it, but I’m familiar with the bottle.

I can’t really do whiskey. Nothing but bad experiences, and it gives me a headache. Try the Barrel Strength Bullet. Holy crap, that’ll put some hair on your chest.

Dragon’s Milk is amazing (the white stuff that comes in a can is fantastic. Just discovered them a few days ago, and supplies have run out), and apparently my dad likes it? We have NEVER agreed on a beer before. :joy:


How old were you when you first got drunk? Didn’t Fireball only come out like 10 years ago or so?


First time I ever got drunk was at 33. :stuck_out_tongue: Right after my divorce. Smoked weed like a fiend before that here and there. Got addicted to weed for two years (600 bucks a month, etc.) These days I like vodka, some good beer, and other people’s weed. I like(d) going out late night to the bars sober.

Damn, now I wanna tell my favorite weed story in Japan on video. Shit will get you prison for five years (at least at the time). We were idiots. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How did you go so long not ever drinking? I thought that was like everyone’s thing, go out when you’re 21 and have beer.


I don’t know.:stuck_out_tongue: How did I live in Japan without drinking (where that’s the norm), but instead smoked weed which is HIGHLY illegal…? I don’t know how I did anything… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I never enjoyed mowing the lawn more than I did today. I mean…I didn’t take my time on purpose but it was nice. Could have used some sun it was like bright overcast.


When I used to mow the lawn at my parent’s house as a kid, it was always miserable because all the pollen and stuff from the weeds would be everywhere and get into my nose and mouth and I’d start sneezing and having allergies and it was terrible. I’d need a full on face mask and goggles and everything lol. Granted, this was no suburb short green grass lawn, we lived on a hill and got this really tall grass, as well as weeds and all sorts of stuff.


That s fucking awful. Lol.