Tales from the isolation


Yeah, I take the mask thing as a matter of an individual’s choice. I do my part, people do what they do. I do what I think is good.


Right now I’m trying to pace myself working through online trainings that I’m doing for work as I’m quarantining at home.

There’s not a whole lot, and I’m not sure what other job duties I can really fulfill atm, so I’m trying to make the work I have last for a long time.


My girlfriend is kinda doing the same thing. She has been taking a strategic day off here and there because they don’t have a ton of work. She has a ton of PTO now since our festival/vacation in July got canceled. I’m kinda just riding the wave…I get payed by the Uni’s through May more or less. Then I have to figure out how to make it until my first Uni pay in September.

I’m hoping maybe I can get a night stocking job somewhere, really don’t want a day time retail shift : (


Well, I wouldn’t tell a little kid they’re fat, but I will mask shame the fuck out of people I’ve known for years.

My mask is bigger than your mask.


What about people you haven’t known for years?


My new favorite name to call someone is “a stupid stupid”. Many people I know are now stupid stupids.


Well, as the saying goes, “Know your audience.”


but you can’t know every person you’ll ever encounter. Would you mask shame someone you hadn’t met before?


If they were laughing seconds before?..yes.

I’m in my backyard and saw my neighbor laughing seconds before typing this. And NO she was not wearing a mask. The SHAME of it all.


I’ve always preferred “idiot.”


I may have just bought a pretty badass Facehugger facemask.

It’s an interesting juxtaposition out there.

Those wearing masks think others who aren’t are dumb, and vice versa.

But people forget the purpose of wearing a mask is to not prevent yourself getting sick, but to prevent you from getting others sick. It’s a social consideration.


what’s wrong with people laughing?


The guy that mugged me the other day was wearing a mask. I thanked him for his consideration in these trying times.


YES, this is a thing I learned in Japan. But again, even there, people were (are) still wiping their eyes and spreading their filthy germs all over the trains

Ha. There was a dude at a punk show I went to in college who was screaming “What’s wrong with dancing???” While punching people. He was dragged out and got his ass kicked.

Which reminds me, I might make some stupid youtube video where I reenact an epic story. Shit, it’s not like I have anything better to do.

Off to do my shopping!




What has that have to do with laughing? You realize the actions of one individual does not dictate how every human being acts and responds in/to social situations?


Also, with laughter, I can laugh at how preposterous that story is without getting upset.


“Don’t get technical with me.”

C3P0 kicking Artoo in frustration.


Me to all my local friends just now: wear a mask and come to walmart. The place is DESERTED.

“They won’t let you in without a mask, bro!”

“Yeah dude, I got one.”

I’ve never enjoyed Walmart more than today.


Lot of rancid SLC folk on the local news pages lately.


for having to wear a mask.

Like shit bitch, people forget any business has the right to serve whoever and however they want, cope harder.