Tales from the isolation


take yer vitamins seriously…

but yea
i heard its like pnuemonia X2

and history repeats itself… like the spanish flu pandemic of the 1920’s


wink wink


tales from isolation:

log 1:
today i posted on idmf…and saw a flame war…that ventured into nsfw territory which was when i saw the light beyond and reached enlightenment. today was a good day.


already did that


lol no no, not that…

something may be coming (pun not intended god damn it)


I tried to get a friend’s ass out of bed yesterday to no avail (showed up in person and everything).

Heading out for a late night stroll and pretending the world has ended, and I’ll enjoy the hell out of it.


I’m actively trying to catch it. Let’s see how I do :space_invader:


Catch phrase of the day: “A bitch is scared.” Cardi was referring to herself


go lick an old folks home


log 2: tales of isolation

in my quarantine i find myself often pondering the wisdom behind the existence that cats experience on a daily basis…as for the finer points between a domesticated cat and a street cat yes one shall acknowledge the vast differences but also the similarities it was at this moment that i was struck by a realization…that cats do cat things because they are cats; their catiness doesn’t affect their experience as a cat because the cat defines the experience and the cattiness doesn’t stem from the experience but is a decision by the cat to react accordingly to the circumstances.


Speaking of cats, as I work my cat naps next to me, sometimes he snores so loudly I need to wake him up.


Day 3: we have eaten all the quarantine snacks.


I’m still working, you fucks.


Me too, from home…


Is that distracted driving I see?


Nah, smoke break in the parking lot. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have a work friend I’m shacking up with if Illinois shuts down (starting to look like that, more information by the end of the week), he has guns for defense against raiders, a deep freezer full of food, and an extensive liquor selection. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow. The US still sounds like a frontier town, sometimes. The UK is gonna be a lot more sleepy than that I think.

WFH here, and isolating because we might have vaguely symptoms (but it’s note quite as described and probably just a cold).

At this point most of us WILL probably get it, but if people can distance to keep the spread slow enough for services to cope, the mortality rate will be low.


The toolbox on my dad’s truck got broken into this week. Not sure if that’s coronavirus robbery or just LA robbery. I know that I’m still trying to get my morning run in for now, but I’m down to carrying just my old phone and my ID in case of robbery. If the weather or the populace start to misbehave more, I won’t be leaving home for anything except work once a week. If that.

Bonus though, I am saving on shaving and shower supplies. No one to impress here except myself, and I saw my true colors long ago.


It fucking isn’t, just a bunch of ammosexuals wish it were…people can do whatever they want but there are a ton of people here that are just into being doomsday gun people. Its like cos play basically.


Just keeping warm while I work.