Tales from the isolation


CDC is recommending no gathering of more than 50 for the next 8 weeks…


We might arrange a Live Idmf chat…


Ohio banned, legally, all gatherings over 100 people. So yea, its going to be a lot of staying home and staring out the window.


Same here in SLC, for 100 peeps.

Bummer, I had tickets to go see The Growlers last friday and the band bailed. Understandably.

who else is planning to get some art/music work done while bunkered down and huddling our fresh TP rolls?


I’ll be wearing no pants.


Oh absolutely. I’m still teaching, all online for the rest of the semester, but at all the meetings and in most emails they said it would be better to assign less than more so Imma be hoarding free time like TP and sanitizer…


I think the last thing mentioned here was 250 people but that was before the cdc rec. So we will see.

I have a feeling it’ll drop and like many, the public places will be limited, if not closed.

Sucks for the food and drink industry but reasonable to say the least. Hopefully the businesses and employees affected can keep it together or be covered during this stuff.


let’s play coronavirus roulette and only order delivery food during quarantine lol


In Ohio they are already fast tracking service industry people’s requests for unemployment.


I’m sorry, but I’m not having delivery drivers to my house lmao. I’m not saying I won’t go pick up a pizza but delivery, that’s going to be a no for me dog.


Well boys I’m making one more run to drop off a book to a student, drop off some keys at Uni and pick up some final supplies then I’ll be locking myself in my house with my five cat army and and enough watts of sound to piss off the whole neighborhood.


Waaaaay ahead of ya.


I don’t have the luxury of working from home.

I will however contract the virus before you.

Pizza delivered today, check.



It’s cool. We have a what are you listenening to section now.


Besides being able to stay away from people, my preference would 100% be to teach in the classroom



yea i may or may not have it …its still too early too tell either way im home rn so…yea you’ll see a lot of music spam from me maybe…


I wanna hear all dem stock at home beats brah


Real comment here:

I really hope none of you homies get that shit.

panic and low fatality rate aside, getting sick sucks? Especially when you’re going to be a global statistic. There’s a lot of weird social stigma going into this thing as well, causality of the fear mongering news and such.


this would be a great time to actually have a freaken beat battle