SuperBooth 2020 Live now!

Hi guys,
Superbooth 2020 just started their streaming and will be going most fo the day, with performances that were planneed for the show, gigs and a virtual walkthrough of products, new releases and announcement.

(my highlight will be Swarm Inteligence live later today, I’m a total fan boy)

Damn, no metal

Excuse me, what is this video series?

Superbooth is something similar to an Indie version of Namm, so a trade show focused on music products and workshops/live events.
As they had to cancel, they did it online.
Yesterday they released some videos with livesets, workshops and talks.
Today is a ‘behind closed doors’ day for retailers, influencers, presenters and such and tomorrow they show videos to announce/showcase products as Friday is the day the floor show would be open to the public.

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