Subwoofer go boom boom

Bass that makes things vibrate…

I don’t get the white trash fascination with shitty music and terrible sound systems, but this literally makes me nauseous.

Also what’s the black equivalent of white trash? That, too.

o_O;; I guess if you have to label people just call them all trash and take race out of it…

Is it worth your energy to even get upset over? No hate on young people…they are probably just kids. I was a dumbass until my late 20s :slight_smile:

Anyone else wishing the camera dude used a halfway decent mic? If you’re gonna make a vid showing off your sound system would be kinda nice to actually be able to hear the sound, instead it’s just saturated/clipped noise.

Or maybe it’s is an accurate representation of the only frequencies that those folks can hear after sitting 2 ft from a sub at 140dB.


Amazing video. :smiley:

Theory the brown note isnt a frequency it’s the
-db compression ratio?

Tbh with the right frequency with th decibels cranked high enough the vibration from a subwoofer maybe able to cure constipation.

TBH most people watching this kinda video are probably listening on like Beats ear buds anyway LOL But yea…I’m in a lot of gear/live jam facebook groups where people just straight out record their jams on a cell phone mic and camera. As soon as I figure that out I’m done, what’s the point?

10 years later and this is now hip hop