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Oh didn’t realize this was dropping on the 10th, maybe it’ll be a okay listen!

Nonetheless, thanks for the support… or even just coming here to tell me… your tunes suck


Nice rhythm and i liked modulated synth bass. Bass sounds like something dubstep would sounds.

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Glad you found stuff you liked about it! :metal:t5:

That’s cool that you think it sounds like a dubstep thing. I usually don’t do well making that stuff … as a matter of fact song #2 started off as my attempt to do a dubstep thing… :laughing:

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Listening to this now :slight_smile:

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Good stuff, enjoyed the granulized textures and the beats made out of glitchy sounds! Congrats on the release!

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Thanks m8

Nice to have an article published about this release:

Would love it if any of you had a chance to listen, and send me your critiques, or even just tell me here how much the album sucks. Thanks :metal:t5: