Staying inspired and trying to keep friends inspired

I’d say I’ve been fairly inspired lately. Maybe had a couple setbacks, loss of data etc. that kinda screwed things up, but I try to keep making things, iron out technical things and setup, and keep having a healthy flow of inspiring outside sources for me to look up to, especially historical ones.

When I meet someone that knows more in some areas, I don’t think it’s intimidating, I think it’s exciting because there’s a wealth of knowledge that I can have access to (if they aren’t pretentious or annoyed lol.) When it comes to helping other people understand things I really try to simplify and just stay humble about it, we all started somewhere… and it really makes me excited to meet people who are willing to learn things and pay attention.

Anyway, to the point…
I have a friend who started producing maybe 3 years ago and I’ve been trying to help keep him inspired, and have been trying to help iron out technical things, but I swear to god the dude just doesn’t want help from anybody. I alllways go out of my way to compliment his work, be positive and encouraging, and try to be a resource without coming off as condescending, but it’s like the dude can’t handle someone else producing music in this dinky ass town we both live in. He even has 4 MIDI controllers I lent him laying around at his place collecting dust, after I’ve asked him to help him set them up for like the last 6-8 months. Any time I try to bring up useful stuff I’ve found he just ignores it too, and it’s not like stuff that’s over his head or anything, it’s just a really immature pride thing, and it’s getting really fucking annoying…

Idk what my point was in making this a thread but I needed to vent somewhere about it where I feel like some of you might be able to relate.

Last time I was at his place he had a friend over that also produces, and we were just talking shop about a few things… then I see a look in his eye like he’s super annoyed, and next thing I know he’s overcharging me through the nose for weed lol. Fucking petty… ugh


Ive had something similar and its frustrating because really you just want a mate that is into music like you that you can share this side of your life with them. Really the guy is a bellend and its better for you to just concentrate on you. Very frustrating though.

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Yeah I need to cut ties from everyone who isn’t willing to accept help from someone else… I have a bit of a problem with that.
People who aren’t resourceful don’t deserve to have me as a resource anymore, so I won’t be. I’m tired of dealing with people who can’t get over their fucking ego.

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I’m pretty sure most people don’t stay inspired, it’s more likely that they’re going to give up. It’s not yourr fault or responsibility to rekindle their fire.

I’ve gotten a lot of people started with making music, TBH. I’m pretty sure nobody actually stuck with it. Most people would rather just play games and shit in their free time, which is cool.

Get your weed elsewhere maybe? :smiley:

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You know im always thinking about how much i want to help others get into music. I think its so amazing that anybody can just make music, anybody can express themselves in such a cool and endless way. Nobody gives a fuck lol I bought a novation circuit to try and literally give it away. I have all this knowledge built up over many years and I could pass on so much so easily. Im gonna wheatpaste posters outside the local high school telling them to ask their mums for an electribe :slight_smile: i know thats daft but if just one of them googles it, has no idea what it is but thinks it looks cool as fuck, it could open a doorway to a lifetime of aceness. They could go on to make arse quaking ground breaking music.


Oh I do get my weed elsewhere usually, just everyone has it and it was convenient hah
idk didn’t expect to spend that much? like I’m not in high school anymore lol

I feel bad cause the dude has potential but seems like he’s in a slump. He isn’t a passive aggressive asshole most of the time, just when he feels like someone’s ‘one upping’ him in the music shit I guess…

maybe he’s someone who isn’t worth getting involved with musically anymore

I feel that any opportunity to be able to collab/jam with others in person can open up a tremendous avenue of creative and inspirational possibilities most beneficial for all parties involved. As mentioned in an earlier post, There really is no end to the sonic easel that we have if not in reach, Certainly with in reason.

You’se guies inspire me often.

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I think it is really important topic to stay inspired. Before that i’am thinking that inspiration is nothing .but when you feel inspired you want to do things/work otherwise you frustrating and playing games.

I think part of staying inspired is having a setup that helps you going. I can’t keep inspired if I have to rewire my setup or learn a new daw or workstation. Those are side music tasks.
To keep tube flow going I need to be able to do what I need without thinking

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By the way how is your piano playing learning? Try flip your keyboard ^ play upsidedown. Maybe you righthanded or lefthanded. Because is not a piano you can flip keyboard and play aka flipped like Jimmy Hendrix plays guitar.

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Just have fun with it and don’t be set in your ways…think outside the box and be open minded…but most importantly have fun…

Also limiting your sessions to 2 to 3 hours a day…as opposed to doing 13 hours straight…helps a lot and prevents burnout. :smile:

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I don’t know anyone that makes music… except on line… I do know musicians who play gigs and like to jam… and one good friend who occasionally writes a great song. We jam pretty regular.

But no one who records or produces… again, except for this forum and a couple others like it.

I stay inspired by practicing and playing several instruments and having lots of recording, mixing and experimental projects in the pipeline line. I play or work in my studio everyday.

Once in a great while I realize that the juice just isn’t flowing and I give myself a day off or rarely … two.

The inspiration comes back…:sunglasses::sparkles: