[Spoilers] The all things dune thread


Dune was published more than 30 years before the first Song of Ice And Fire book.

But yeh, they both heavily contain human politcking and are generally about people being horrible to each other while climbing dung heaps made from human bodies to achieve success.


Dune killed more people though.


I read all 6 books twice and this was a good start. I hope Denis has the balls to dip into the incendiary nature of book 2 without holding back anything, because it will have an impact on the world. The universe presented is 8000 years along the road on paper but its reality in some aspects is far far closer then that.


I cant get past the first book. For some reason im not in the mood to read scifi.

Maybe some other time.

Ive only read up to 200 pages. Idk.

I feel ashamed.




Finally got round to watching Villeneuve’s version. Mostly liked it, it looked great.

But those bagipes. Fucking bagpipes. What the actual heinous fuck :rofl:


I didn’t get that add in either. Like…if everyone in Dune was supposed to be vaguely descended from Earth, nothing about the Atreides ever screamed “bagpipe country” to me lol…also the Sardukar throat signing kind of had the same effect on me to a lesser degree.


I didn’t at first, but as Atreides are Greek descendants.
The tsabouna is a Greek folk wind instrument of the bagpipe family, but looks a lot different.


Ok, I didn’t say it before, but I always assumed they were supposed to be Greek but I wasn’t 100% and didn’t want to sound uninformed. That’s interesting, did not know they had a bagpipe like instrument. Very good!


They casted or have someone in mind for feyd rautha.

Idk to me sting was the best feyd rautha.


I think they cast Irulan as well. Sting was absolutely the best Feyd so far. I don’t know young actors so well but I can’t think of someone I’d want to play him.

Re-reading Dune Messiah…I forgot how much of the novels where just in characters heads. Like…the whole second chapter is just Paul talking to Hayt deciding whether or not he should kill him immediately lol


Austin butler is in talks for the feyd rautha casting…


I didn’t hate him in the Shanara series but seems kind of a weird choice. But honestly after all the talk about it being a possibility they would just combine Feyd and Rabban into one character I’m just happy to know that isn’t happening. I think they did a good job of casting so far.


Ever since I scoffed at Heath Ledger playing the Joker before I actually saw it, I’ve been leery of more scoffage. That said, Jared Leto was beyond shit.


Jared leto should play leto 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


2021 dune…why its hard to execute…

The internal monologue…

Internal monolgues doesnt translate well to film at least for blockbuster films.

But yeah also the 2021 movie was more scenery than anything…


Dune is getting a part 2…


So like…

What if leto 2 found another way to enact the golden path…instead being a god emperor tyrant worm…

Instead of doing negative things to ensure humanities survival…

The negative things arent even necessary…

For There is another way to take life by the balls.

I read the dune wiki recently…im just reflecting.