[Spoilers] The all things dune thread


I got 11 books to read lol


Stopped Dune at where the movie finished. Started the Butlerian Jihad, as I feel this is quite fundamental to the present point in time.


I read the “House…” books by KJA and Brian Herbert…they were OK beach reads but I’m not a fan of their work generally. Sure, they write about a lot of stuff that only gets mentioned in Frank’s books and we won’t ever know what else Frank might have written but I feel like the original six pretty much bring things full circle. Not to mention Frank has a bunch of other great books besides Dune.

Brian is just an asshat riding his dad’s coat tails and paying a ghost writer. I equate it to what happened to Bob Marley and Prince’s estates when their families got their hands on them…


Rate you read, that’s what, a couple of hours then? :smiley:


I could probably do a book a day if i set my mind to it had the motivation.

But i find the slower i read the more i retain.

Also i re read idmf posts…i read idmf more than i read anything else to be honest.


So you liked the movie, I didn’t get it. Should I watch it?


My only word of caution about watching the 2021 version would be that it only covers about half the story and despite what the press has been saying no guarantee we will get the second half.


With the pandemic and the relentless delays to release that probably makes it even harder to keep the cast available for the second part. Not seen it yet myself but I’d like for the second part to be made so it gets completed properly.


Omg that mongolian throat singing in the sardakaur chant is like heaven.

I catch myself humming it.

Im gonna read all eleven books in due time.


It was true to the book…as far as i know.

Something didnt translate well from the book to on screne.

But it was a decent filmmaking effort.

It one of those movies that you need to rewatch to get into it.


The one thing they changed that I absolutely hated was suggesting that Paul is extra sensitive or allergic to spice. They explain (and have further time to explain if a second film gets out) the Bene Gesserit breeding program and that he was already an “advanced” human. Like why make that huge, unnecessary change? They did a proper job of the scene where he freaks out and yells at Jessica about “being made a freak.” They go into pretty fair detail in the early Caladan scenes…like how dense to have to be to not get “Paul is special” and “spice enhances your natural abilities.?”

I was disappointed that they didn’t get in the Mentats, didn’t mention Pieter by name or that Paul had Mentat abilities. However, for someone who hasn’t read the book I think that isn’t a necessary layer for a film version.

I also liked that they didn’t make Jamis just seem like a cocky asshole like in the 1984 version.


The Spice


All the books have been delivered im up to banquet scene in the first book,

I wanna skip this part but i feel if i do ill miss key elements that build the universe.

Most of the books are betwen 600-800 pages…

I got about 8800 pages to read.

Should keep me busy.


The banquet scene has some interesting things happen if I remember. If Count Fenring is one of the guests, I wouldn’t skip it. It is also kind of a perfect Frank Herbert/Dune moment where everything is about different character’s powers of observation and the subtleties they are able to notice in others and what conclusions they draw from them. There is a lot more of this kind of thing in the series than there is action, if my memory still serves me.


On second thought. I think that is one of the things the SyFy Channel mini series got correct–shooting the banquet scene. I don’t think either 1984 or 2021 do a good job of making the Atreides defeat on Arrakis believable, I feel like the banquet scene helps to establish how precarious their situation is politically and practically.


This and the confrontation between Thufir Hawat and Lady Jessica are really important to the story later on.


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Yo, from what I remember Frank saying the sietches smelled like Id rather not smell like a Fremen :rofl:


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Dune is like game of thrones in space but with drugs and eugenics.