[Spoilers] The all things dune thread


Im gonna give it a rewatch cause its dune…


Film getting good reviews, which pleases me. Won’t be seeing at cinema but will be a Day 1 purchase on blu-ray when available.

A friend has got a hold of the board game from the '80s which has recently been reissued so I guess I’ll be playing that soon :slight_smile:


Legendary confirms Dune Part 2:


How you dune
Dune it again


You can call me My Duke, Paul, Usul or The Kwisatz Haderach if you aren’t into the whole brevity thing…


The bene gesserit


Duncan idaho is the real kwisatz haderach…
Atreides is just a leader.

From the cliffnotes that i have read.


Looks more like the Honored Matres :laughing:


I got the main book series, including hunters and sandworms, and the butlerian jihad trilogy.


If I recall, that is kind of where the story goes because Leto II realizes the that his prescience is actually a “trap”. Its been a long, long time since I’ve past the first book.


I understood it in the way that Paul was the first (defined by how he surpassed the Bene Gesserit powers, looking in the place where the sisterhood could not look or something along those lines) and Duncan the second, surpassing Paul and everyone else. Might be wrong for sure…


Yea, I’m recalling now that Duncan was basically the Bene Tellix’s version of the Supreme Being, where as Paul/Leto II where the Bene Gesserit’s version.


Watching dune 2021 and reading the book…

In the appendices brian herbet says that lady jessica is harkonnens daughter…



Yeah, IIRC that was a part of the Bene Gesserit breeding plan. I think they also talk about it in the second and/or third novel.


They explain that all eventually. It is part of why Jessica was supposed to have only female children. The 1982 movie actually explains it a little bit but it doesn’t mention Jessica’s heritage.


Let’s just say that the movie adaptations did not have the most realistic casting decisions considering the []breeding plans of the sisterhood…


Paul realizes this in the first half of Dune, when they are in the desert. Jessica doesn’t know this, as she doesn’t know who her parents were. The plan was for her to have a daughter, who was to be paired with a Harkonnan boy to produce the Kwisatz Haderach.


Are all the books in the series 700 pages…lol


none of them are short, I know that hahaha