[Spiritual Darktech] Morgen Wurde & Tis feat. Tetsuroh Konishi - Deutet EP


Artists: Morgen Wurde & Tis feat. Tetsuroh Konishi
Title: Deutet EP
Label: Jazz-o-Tech
Cat#: JOT021
Style: occult techno, doom jazz, dark ambient, electroacoustic
Release: single out now, full EP out 24 September

Our next step into the miraculous: deep techno worlds have rarely been as mystical and haunting as on our upcoming EP arguably. The levels of evocation again rise to the unimagined - thanks to avant-garde trumpeter Tetsuroh Konishi and minimal techno wizard Tis of Roo Records.

Find a first sign from the EP of our occult alliance on the subversive fusion label Jazz-O-Tech (based in Berlin and Milan) …EP out 23 September, ready for preorder:

Played by John Digweed in his radio show Transitions (at 47:32):


Well, that was rather excellent!

I’m wishlisting this on Bandcamp until I can hear the full thing and see if I grab it :slight_smile:


Thanks, man! @morphic

Find another track from the EP in this set (of this highly recommended weekly show for electronic music specialities) - at 1:37:26 (it’s not “Richtet” as said in the tracklist, but “Wahrt”):


Out today - get your ticket to transcendence :dizzy_face:

More track premieres from the EP:


Oops 1:
Thanks for the super nice review…

Oops 2:
The first track “Richtet” was selected for the official Spotify “X-Over” playlist for Japan.


For exquisite selections of new electronica (and electro/acoustic fusions) check out Chicago’s weekly Abstract Science broadcast, http://abstractscience.net

In this episode featuring our tune “Deutet” (at 1:40:45) :pray:


Woah, impressive!


Very interesting and mysterius, well done!


Hey @Kenneth and @gerasimosmusician

Very much appreciated! And funny coincidence: only this Monday I finished the production of the follow-up EP for the Jazz-O-Tech label… our most adventurous and fierce works… but also two majestic tunes (not sure if we release them separately).