Spectrasonics - sonicEXtensions

Hi guys,
There is some new stuff for Omnisphere … the new sonicEXtensions

I bought Undercurrent & Seismic Shock & these 2 sound banks opens a whole new sound territory for omnisphere. I already own a lot of different soudbanks but these new sonicEXtensions are way above any other in term of sound quality.

The price is a bit high i must admit but you get some exclusive new effects depending of the extension you buy, a lot of new patches, the new " scene " function, you swop from 1 snapshot to an other & you got 6 for each patch. You also got the new custom controls as well & the interesting stuff is that you can go deep inside every single patch & tweak it to your taste, you can change the wavetable, you can add samples etc etc , the same work as you normally do but then you have these extra functions so the price becomes quite fair for what becomes now possible in omnisphere.


I looked at that yesterday but balked at the price, especially given each is sold separately.

Much love for Spectrasonics, I think they’re great but the pricing for these is a bit rich for my blood.

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the price is a bit high for me also but the dynamic discount lower the price significantly …
149 dollars each
i got 2 for 230 dollars
& you’d get the 4 for 418 instead of 600 dollars
& trust me … the overall sound quality is stunning … way above any sound bank you’d get out there
i even feel like i bought a whole new vst as the sound is much different than any omnisphere sound banks
but yes , the price tag hurts