Something about tycho I cant put a finger on

I dont know how but somehow the guy manages to effectively blend organic instruments with synths pretty effectively

im guessing its proper recording equipment and hardware along with some know how that achieves his sound…but also composition wise very engaging…i know im late but yea i apologize if ive been hiding under rock in regards to tycho’s awesomeness…

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I can provide some insight, I’ve known Scott (well, and Zac and Rory) since 2015?

Toured with Tycho on and off for 4 years (?) Played different roles over the years, ranging from mixing front of house, mixing monitors, building different iterations of their Ableton sessions to perform with, projection mapping and video wall mapping their visuals, down to repairing equipment and preparing sessions for their fx snapshots for performing live…

would never give away the secret sauce (spoiler alert, there is none) but if you have specific questions, fire away.


2015 - Tycho - Nagoya Japan. Thats my backside at the console. :wink:


There’s a quite detailed post about his method that was on a thread in Gearslutz a few years back.i don’t remember exactly where it was,but i vaguely remember the topic having something to do with Boards Of Canada

If you search Tycho you’ll probably stumble upon his account there

You can also go over his Reddit account.he’s very forthcoming with info pertaining to his usage of studio equipment and the methods involved

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