Softsynths Thread


This. Exactly.


Has anyone seen this?


It was shared on our Discord the other day. Hadn’t seen it before. Chuckled at the masterstroke of the business model. It looks fun and for that price pretty much zero effort for anyone who wants it. So it will be on tracks in the charts soon and getting good promo.

I remain, as ever, sceptical until I play with it myself. The pitch for it is great though.


Hehe, yea. But for 1 euro an easy pill to swallow.

I’ll probably grab it simply because they adverted it like that, lol


Oh hell yes, me too :smiley:


If anybody’s interested, I just got a 80% off coupon via email, which I believe is valid until end of February for anything at wusik dot com (sorry, still not allowed to post any link…)

Just let me now and I’ll send it to you.