Softsynths Thread


I mentioned Phase Plant in a post above, gave the demo a try, but I was not really convinced.

It has some unique features, FM/PM stuff with multiple wavetable and sample-based oscillators specifically caught my eye…
The GUI is ok, modulation is easy enough to set up, but I don’t like the 3 huge effect lanes taking up a lot of space waiting for you to buy additional snapin modules ^^
And the wavetable interpolation and provided wavetable selection is not impressive, the wavetable editor looks nice but has a very basic functionality and I dind’t find stuff I would expect coming from Serum and Icarus.
I also was a bit unimpressed by the sound and especially by the factory presets: in the end I switched through bass presets while working on a DNB tune and didn’t find much in the factory presets that didn’t sound basic, I started with a group of Phase Plant tracks and ended up with a group of Serum tracks with my old presets…

Right now I like Bitwig The Grid much better for what I originally wanted to do with Phase Plant. The only thing really missing is better wavetable options, but everything else is great - completely fell in love with that thing!


Great info, thanks. I may give Phase Plant a demo round, but I’m hesitant because of the ‘pay-to-play’ snapin system. The price tag starts looking a bit high just to get all the stuff that should probably come with it. Maybe the demo will change my mind.

The Grid seems really interesting, and I keep hearing great things about it. Just not sure about diving into the Bitwig ecosystem just for that (as I’m plenty happy with my current DAW selection). Any thoughts on how The Grid holds up to something like VCV Rack or Reaktor Blocks?

Also: apparently Massive X doesn’t let you import your own wave tables? WTF? Seriously? In this day and age? Deal breaker.


Not really that familiar with VCV Rack and Reaktor tbh, but I think both are a bit different and probably more flexible, at least as isolated plugins. It’s not as low-level as Max and has less modules or user content than VCV or Reaktor.
But the Grid is very intuitive and user-friendly, modulation is extremely fast to program in both in the Grid itself AND with the usual bitwig modulation, including MPE and whatever else you might need.


Absolutely love this thing, patches grow organically, fast and borderless, which does not necessarily include growing in an economic way, but the CPU hit is not that bad ^^