Softsynths Thread


Just going to throw my 2c in here as I tend to splash a lot less cash on VST instruments than on effects I have been only slowly building my collection. the one synth that I use all the freaking time however is the first one I bought: Synthmaster2. It is just great. thousands of presets, lots of options, and each version gets a little better with the UI. I also bought SynthmasterOne and just yesterday got Sektor for 14 bucks on Both are wavetable synths but have different sounds. SMOne has all kinds of sick modulation available like AM, PM, FM and in parallel wavefolding of all kinds for each of it’s two oscillators. It is a tad frumpy looking with the default skin, but the sounds it can produce are nice. Sektor is a bit more eye candy and has f.e. MSEGs and a few more modulation options plus a sequencer that SMOne does not have. for 14 bucks it was a no brainer. The sale is still on btw.

Also a big +1 for Bazille. What a freaking beast that thing is. Same with Iris2. It is a bit of a CPU hog tho.

Other than that, I use Hybrid3, Minibit, VaccuumPro and for drums Geist2 and Tremor. All these are good workhorse synths imho.


Gosh…what was that plugin? Early days of vsts there was something that had a hidden feature if you tapped all 4 screws the cover fell off and there were a couple options to change transistors. Didn’t survive my 2009 purge whatever it was.


That sounds so familiar. Hypersonic maybe?


Anybody tried some new synths such as PhasePlant and MSoundFactory?


Does massive work like other synths ov its kind?


If you mean “does it work like a normal wavetable synth?”, then the answer is yes. You sweep waveshapes to modulate the texture of the sound. TBH, serum is better in every conceivable way BUT, massive is massive. You want 2007-2012 dubstep wubs? Use massive. It’s like the minimoog of wavetable synths, there were other synths that could do everything it could do, and more, but massive was the right instrument at the right time to change the mainstream’s expectations of a genre of music.


I’ve had massive and used it for a few years now. It’s really good. Perhaps not worth the price, but if you are on the fence, it’s fairly easy to use. The UI is a bit strange, but friendly to learn.

It has some really fantastic digital tones and pads, I’ve made more than a few tracks with it exclusively :slight_smile:


If I knew how to use Massive would I know how to use Serum?


More or less. There are a few things Serum can do that Massive can’t (like importing and making your own wavetables, variable FX routing, etc) but you can still get good sounds out of it if you treat it like Massive and ignore what you don’t know until it clicks with you.


Serum > Massive in my opinion, Massive’s filters dont do a lot for me.

again, this is just my opinion.


Live’s Wavetable in 10.1 > Serum > Massive > Ur mum


I’m digging Wavetable as well, based a prog house tune around it not too long ago. Need to spend some more time with it tho to really get into what I’ll be using it for primarily.


I don’t have Serum however Ableton lives wavetable synth gets me some of that action.

I do love Reese baselines and Massive is my go to for that duty.


Guys, speaking of wavetable synthesis… Pigments has received another update…AND is priced to move at $69.00 USD until zee fourth of July. I’ll admit, Looking at Pigments without understanding it really didn’t do it for me initially, But looks are very deceptive when it comes to the sorcery of Arturia.


Anyone else found Wavetable to be a massive CPU hog?