Softsynths Thread


The layout definitely looks more upfront and accessible. Probably isn’t though. I do like the look of it though.


Picked these up today and they designed them with “inbuilt tutorials” pretty much giving an idea as to what it will bring out, Kinda neat because I just assumed all compressors served the same function…Show’s what I know.


Those Arturia compressors look great especially for the price, somebody was saying they work out at £20 each, from what I’ve read over at slutz their as good if not better than anything outhere

A far cry from the days I payed £400 for the tubetech compressor plugin on the powercore platform


yeah 99 jibs is not a bad intro price. Arturia tends to be expensive but they are really good about throwing out unbeatable deals for introductory software. Fuck I think Pigments was 69 around black friday and I got the V collection 6 for 149 or 199 I believe it was? Either way it was the only way I was gonna get it.


I only use Sylent1, Nexus and Absynth 3. But there is a very popular synth called “Serum”. You might want to check it out. If you can afford a rompler go for Omnisphere. They have Serum as a rent-to-Pay option. Where you pay $9.99 for 19 months and it is yours after that.


Sylenth1 updated 3.53!


Massive X just looks like another Reaktor module.

Is it just another Reaktor module? I’m really sick of NI just making more Reaktor stuff instead of genuinely new synths. There’s some Reaktor gems but most of the stuff they publish is CPU-hog mediocre shite.


Reaktor 6.3 update wasn’t showing up in my native access, after a bit of searching about I found Reaktor now only supports Mac 10.12 or higher, gutted

I’ve got a feeling Massive X probably won’t be supported on my machine.

So why don’t you upgrade your OS you ask?, well Apple no longer support the cheese grater style Mac Pro since 10.11, and it still has so much power/performance that it would be a disgrace to have to buy a new machine.