Softsynths Thread


i upgraded my komplete from 8 to 12!
will be getting massive x with that.
hope the hype is correct.


also found these,kinda handy,maybe

vst-sampler libs n stuff freeeeeeeeeee


I had a crazy amount of softsynths on my Mac which I’d built up over 11 years however when I got a new hardrive I was very selective what I reinstalled…,…

On my Mac at the moment:
Omnisphere (a must for me)
U-he (diva/ace/repro)
NI Komplete
AD Phosphor (love the simplicity)
Arturia (all the usual suspects)

and with the bundled stuff you get with live I have no desire for anymore…well maybe Massive X


I’m not comparing it to the actual Sequential Circuits synths when I say this, but Repro is so fucking good. I really can’t enough of it.


All the u-he stuff is like that for me. They’re not always the right tool for the job, but there’s not a single offering from them that I think is ‘meh’. I probably use Satin more than I should…


Yea, at this point I really want Diva. Ended up going back to Serum as my workhorse for bread and butter stuff. Satin is on the master bus of my standard template and I work into it. Can’t say enough good things about Presswerk either, I really don’t use another compressor.

Satin is glorious for dirty flange and chorus. Also, really like the Space Echo and Kopy Kat emulation pre-sets.


i have Diva,good synth,a little resource heavy but the sounds are really great.


I like my U-he plugins too, Repro,Diva and Ace get used all the time, colourcopy is good too.

Repro and diva are a bit hungry on my 2008 Mac, but that’s life.


Haha. Been wanting Color Copy!


i am really getting used to using rp stuff often,blue2,and predator2 mostly.
diva,and zebra i have to be in a certain dunno mood?
i find myself using diversion alot as well.really hot growly sounds.
i am incorporating some vcv patches for live as well.but thats taking a bit,can’t stop fiddling.