Softsynths Thread


Honestly at this point Serum is a good option. It is like a more modern, feature heavy version of Massive. Good shit and rent to own on Splice.

I do like Absynth 5 a lot…but I think Serum will do that and more really. Some of rhe Absynth fx are interesting.


I think i’m going to have to pull the trigger after everything I’ve heard about Serum. Might be the first softsynth I’ve purchased since Massive, but it seems so versatile with accessible workflow.


It rellay isnt super special sound wise. It is more work flow and features. Sounds better than Massive (better filters). Still digital. But good digital.


I’ve learned (after making nearly a whole album on massive) that yeah, it has a particular sound that is inescapable despite using it’s tools and modulation.

I love digital, absolutely love it. I’m fiending for a new workflow and with a fat tax return coming up… I might have to bite the bullet and get some new tools in my creative arsenal. Serum being the top one.


Lol. Adjust your withholdings, broseph. It always cracks me up when I hear people talk about their fat tax return, like it’s fucking free money. It’s your own money, dude, which you loaned to the government at 0% interest and now they are giving it back to you. The ideal thing to do is try to get as close as possible to 0 (either you owing them or they owing you).

But, yeah, Serum is great. Get it. If I’m going to use a soft synth and I don’t have a particular sound in mind, then it’s always Serum by default (though that doesn’t happen a whole lot lately cause hardware).


I honestly suck at savings so bad I kind of like withholding honestly. That’s kind of the idea. I also put 12% into my 401K (my company matches an insane maximum) so it’s basically money I can’t look at until later and get excited about. I know it’s false, but it’s my adult version of christmas. Lol