Softsynths Thread


Yeah, I sometimes enjoy designing sounds and presets and just playing around with synths, but I’m spending less time on it nowadays since I’m busy with work and family and then just switch up some of my own older presets when I just want to make some music or get an idea down - and especially when looking for virtual “acoustic” instruments I use a lot of SWAM and East West, since I rarely try to make synths sound exactly like acoustic instruments. I was just surprised that Pigments didn’t really grab my attention as a sound design tool, I always closed it after a while and opened a different synth and can’t even really say what it is - the sound is def part of it and probably just the comparison with some other wavetable synths. No idea, have to load it up in a project soon and try again ^^


Funny, I loaded it up this morning and it mostly clicked. I was able to work my way through to a sound I liked. It’s not perfect yet, but I’m not sure if that’s down to how I wrote the music this thing is playing or maybe because it’s not mixed yet at all.


i tried vengence - avenger a couple of weeks ago and i absolutely LOVED it. i love flexible synths and DAMN that thing is flexible.
my computer cant run it well enough to use properly though :frowning: so i need to wait until i get a new computer to keep it.

if avenger was your girlfriend:


So, last night I realised I’ve been missing something in Pigments: THE FUNCTION GENERATORS. Gah. The only thing I didn’t figure out was how to set their length in milliseconds so I could use them exactly like envelopes, but it’s easy enough to make an AD envelope or an interesting LFO. Freed up an LFO and did a better job of what I wanted it to do, (modulating SEM filter shape in one-shot mode), without wasting an envelope.


I like fm synths very much lately. Not that I know the ins and outs of it, but I can make it sound classy.
BTW Yesterday formatted the hard drive and reinstalled the Windows, so that all the plugins that need to be installed through the installer were removed. But also, thank God, I have a folder with dll plugins, I saved it separately and moved it to the new Windows.


Xfer has a new beta of Serum out, with a crazy feature that I have been waiting for for years in any synth. Synths like Flexion promised to do it and vanished in the process even before release. People said it’s crazy and can’t be done. People said it’s dangerous and shouldn’t be done. I can’t believe I’m still alive to see this day.

Thanks to Steve the future is here now:
" New: LFO Point modulation" :star_struck:

I haven’t tested it yet, I just read about it on KVR and came here to yell it at you directly after praising Steve at Xfer lol… I have a feeling that I’m gonna use a lot of Serum in the next projects :smiley:

Edit: not sure why I’m replying to you parricide, I think it’s because I started writing a post about Avenger a while ago lol, but maybe the information is of value to you hehe…


Serum’s great. I use it quite a lot.