So many passwrods and websites

Does anyone else out there feel overwhelmed?

I don’t know how people live without passwords managers…


i don’t think i have that many lol.

Im running out of bad passwords…soon forced to be secure.


I use one password on all websites except one.


same, but i’ve been signing into school and stuff and forgetting, ugh, thanks for the help peeps

I just let my browser generate random passwords for all sites and remember them. All I have to do is log into my browser and then I have everything. 2FA (actual encrypted 2FA) on anything financial tho so don’t get too excited hackers.

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Dude, I have no clue, I’ll have to check check check it out thanks peeps

I do have to say both my Uni’s now use Microsoft Authenticator which is so easy to use on my phone I’m willing to have goofy ass, secure passwords I’d never remember. If I forget my password I can securely generate a new one through the app and I’m back into the system in a few minutes.

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That’s the beauty of password managers. You only have to remember one password.

I have over 150 unique passwords. None of them used twice. Each of them goes something like this:


BTW, Bitwarden is free :wink:

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Dude, you’re going to get screwed. You REALLY shouldn’t be doing that.

Guessing you’re using Chrome? I just can’t get to trust Google with my passwords. Another good thing with password managers is that you can sync between phone, tablet, PC and always be up-to-date instantly.

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Firefox actually, but yeah same thing, synced across all my PCs and my phone.


Hahaha now I have a Lamborghini thanks dude.

Me too. I use firefox before that i used chrome.

@morphic i don’t have money accounts so it safe.

I just make generic logins with passwords generated by a password manager. I would use the same password for a bunch ov accounts and then move on to a new password for a few other accounts.

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