Slime's Sample Pack Giveaways (Round 2: The Electric Boogaloo)

Last time I tried to give away packs I unknowingly had my PM’s disabled (that was a huge fail on my part, sorry everybody!), so I figured I’d turn that back on and just post the codes outright for anyone to grab.

If this isn’t allowed for some reason I can remove it, and if not I’ll keep this updated and restocked.

As you’d expect, go to the address Analog Samples and punch in a code. If nothing works, PM me and I’ll restock. Hopefully I’ll get some of the other packs out as freebie versions, but BC actually charges for extra giveaways, so it might take a little time.

Oh, and if you’re logged into BC you can keep them in your collection forever. I recommend doing that!


Nah man you are cool. +1 for the freebies!


Thanks, I grabbed 5s6w-k9qv for the Glitchin’ pack. :slight_smile: