Rock and roll thread

Yea it’s probably dead…but for nostalgia sake…
Share your faves from any of the subgenres of rock and roll…

Anyone remember …Joan Jett and the black hearts?

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I might be one of the most unfit people ever to come through the label side of this place because 75% of my free listening is still older rock.

Favorite guitar tones, having played about 45 minutes of guitar in my life:

cool thread idea, I like having something a bit more thematic than just the “what are you listening too” thread. Here is my first contri, a recent band in the “stoner rock” genre:

This still raises the hair on my arms …


Deloused is the greatest rock album ever IMO. I never really liked anything after

Also monster magnet rules

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I enjoy some half japanese or beat happening lo-fi folk rock from time to time. It puts me in a good mood

this will have to be the closest to old school rock’n’roll I’m listening to

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Why they don’t make rock anymore ? I mean why it is not popular like back in the days (2000) . Bands like Strokes, Arctic Monkeys ,etc.etc.

Back in the days there were more guitar music.

That was probably rock’s last mainstream hurrah before butt rock came in and ruined the party. Obviously there are still great rock bands, but I don’t think it’ll ever be part of the mainstream again