Qawm 2021 (deadline march 4th 2021.)


I’m not saying this is 1 tracking variationed over multiple performaced but it does seem that way. Seems it could be a OST towards somthing with minimal input. Pretty neat, up front, point exhibited.


Yo, definitely, I feel your pain. Your Samples defintely gave you ground work. But can/where do you take it? Still pretty interesting. I’m sure you can take i
t further.


Very neat. I don’t know how I feel inside of a box but this, outside, sounds real nice. OStB is always nice.


@TheTeknomage Thanks for the feedback, yeah I’m not surprised that Ebb doesn’t quite fit with the others. The ideas for the other 5 tracks all were pulled from the jam that I posted early in the month, so they use a lot of similar sounds and have some overlapping ideas. Ebb came together much later once the other tracks were more developed - you are right doesn’t quite fit the style/tonal palette of the rest of them.

@TheTeknomage Also, love your tracks, and thank you for the gear break down. You’ve basically convinced me that I need to get an NTS-1. I’ve had my eye on that little unit for a while now and I think your first track sold it for me.


It’s an Idea based on the “BladeRunner Origin” comic books, that haven’t been released yet. Looks like the release date is tomorrow. None of them are complete yet. I had a bad back while doing them, so could only spend limited time sat at my gear, so I decided to just get something down and move on to the next one. Will go back to them at a later date.


i know this is over but i did add one that was worked on before and during the deal, that i “finished” tonight after learning I forgot it. It’s first on my playlist and named Sin Defeats Me. Don’t feel like you need to listen. just stating.

Always trying to get my drums more varied and involved in stuffs. but it’s usually after i settle on the majority of the rest before i do major drummery stutfs. edits, pitching, etc.