[Punktronika} Roo Stercogburn - Merry Christmas To All You

On Bandcamp if you lose your mind enough to clicky clicky: https://roo-stercogburn.bandcamp.com/

Not angry at all. Nope.

Personally I’d prefer you give any money cash to charity. Think of an amount you’d pay for this that doesn’t involve me paying for your therapy costs and then give it to the charity of your choice. If you did, let me know which charity you went for out of nosiness more than anything else.


I donated a fiver to the RSPCA on your behalf. This shit was so bad it upset my cats and most of the dogs in a 5 miles radius so I kinda felt like I had to make up for it.

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Trying to imagine anyone walking straight after that cat of yours got horny. Has it let anyone near the toilet yet?

I gave 20 bucks to the JDRF for you. I mean, that helps me out too with the diabeetus and all, but I actually am starting to get worried about what it’s going to be like to be diabetic by the end of the decade (the WHO predicts there will be a worldwide 30% insulin shortage by then, and as it is 80% of the world’s synthetic insulin comes out of exactly two factories, both of which I lose sleep over). So thanks for inspiring me to look into how to make a donation. I asked them to send me info on how to bother congresspeople too.

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