Potato thread


this thread is about potatoes

why a thread about potatoes you ask its because …potatoes that why

if it aint a potato i don’t even anymore…


Nominated for six Golden Globes and IDMf Thread of the Year.


I want a hug from that one-legged Teddy potato.


I ate potatoes today. Does that count? Parboiled them and then threw them in the oven to get crunchy.




Under the skin is a prequel documentary where scarjo is an alien potato defending her potato baby with a shotgun loaded with mashed potatoes against all non potatoes so that her potato baby can ripen to become the ultimate potato thanos




List your favourite fast food fries I’ll tell you what I DON’T like: churches chicken fries


opinion on tater tots?
I like they good


Mr potato head killed another potato with a potato gun


If it ain’t potato it’s a fuckin poser



Two weeks ago, some coworkers and I potato’ed a coworker’s house because he’s from Idaho and told us he used to be a potato farmer.

We covered his front yard with potatoes with googley eyes and faces painted onto them.


potatoes, making potatoes




now that is freaky…really freaky.
man your fucked up.


I really want some french onion ranch dip and lays right now.


I’m stage managing a burlesque show tonight so I won’t have time to dine, but on the way back I’ll get some dodgy fried chicken and chips.
So yeah, still on topic and I’ll abuse my powers by banning whoever doesn’t like this post.