Post a soundesign thing you made today

this thread is for posting/sharing your experiments/improvised jams you did practising sound design
@mods put this thread where you think is appropriate

this thing is basically a resampling of the thing i posted in the lb

the recordings that comprised this piece were recorded on a Tascam Field recorder in an alleyway outside of a bar. They had abandoned a piano there so, naturally, I found a brick to hold down the sustain pedal with and “played” the strings with misc things found in an alley.

The recordings were then manipulated with granular synthesis and spectral tools to create the atmospheres.


Didn’t make this today but not many days ago. Don’t know is this even on topic

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Didn’t make this today, but just saw the thread.
Here’s a quick experiment with physical modeling in Reaktor.

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making lazers with the DistoCore synth… I like it so far

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It’s called “don’t drink and synth”