Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


You asked for it . . .


That’s the “city at worlds end”, I take it?

Looks epic!


Mmmmm…hmmmmm… <3[quote=“bbb, post:38, topic:222, full:true”]

You asked for it . . .


that is indeed! I started city at worlds end in 2005 and it wasn’t until a long time later I was like “aight this gonna be my full leg now” haha.

Probably another $3k worth of work to do on it though… shit is pricey


Damn that is pricey!

And good for getting something actually meaningful and timeless to you.

Those stories of regret for getting a partner’s name tattooed on, only for the quick and bitter dissolution of the relationship to follow.

You’ll have to post an updated shot when it’s finished.


Wow. Impressive ink. Great job on the idea and execution.


Could I use your leg for furniture? It will be a big hit here in Wisconsin



You’re a wisconsin guy eh? My ex-bandmate moved there just last year. Cost of living there seems fuckin’ awesome.

and of course, you get full dibs on my leg when it comes that time.




Yeah depends on where you live mostly, Love the Milwaukee area… full of dive bars and metal shows, also the crazy farmers who turn human flesh into furniture/ people who try to make sex zombies


That’s such a coincidence. This was a friend’s house warming gift given to us about a week ago


I want to share… but I’m a little scared…


Give in.


I like how I’m used as an example like CHECK OUT THIS UGLY ASS FUCK, I AINT DOING THAT.



My Dane literally every time I drive/ride shotgun. She makes a good shoulderpiece


just chilling on the bus home from work.


My wife says I look like Nic Cage today. I don’t really see it


I see it.


I felt cute in this picture, might delete soon IDK


probably the sexiest picture on IDMf.

what do you do for a living?