Post a pic of your Christmas Tree (or Menorah or blah blah blah PC stuff)


Whatever you celebrate this season, post it here.

This was a shitty year for absolutely e v e r y o n e I think we can agree on that, but I’m glad to see
this community hasn’t completely gone away.

Merry Christmas/Happy Chanukah/Happy Kwanzaa


This is what happens when you marry an Xmas Elf…


Looking good (both of yours)! Me and my wife don’t really decorate so I just admire everyone else’s setups. Great holiday thread idea!


We live in a tiny cottage basically so we don’t really decorate inside. Normally we do a Dr. Seuss on LSD thing with our porch but two strings of rope lights is all we had the energy for this year. I’ve also got LED color changing bulbs in all the outdoor lamps.

Enjoy the holidays everyone!


Well. The missus woke up with a scratchy sore throat and we can’t find place open with Covid tests so Christmas dinner with my parents is postponed until tomorrow (assuming the best case scenario). So we are just being bums on Christmas with the cats.


Sorry to hear that.


Shame. Hopefully it’s just a sore throat


Yea, it happened to her not long ago and went away after a day. We’ve both been having worse than usual sinus/allergy stuff going on this winter (the weather is extremely weird here this year). She doesn’t feel too awful so we will see. I went out to the closest, open pharmacy but they were out of tests. So we are keeping our fingers crossed and I’ll be searching for tests tomorrow.


I hope for the best.

Not to hijack the thread but I had witnessed a lovely little scene along side my house today. A cop car came down the street, lights flashing, stops alongside my house and parks. My first thought was:

then a second cop car, this one followed by two or three regular cars comes down the street. So I think “kind of a sad day for a funeral procession…”

Then they park next to the other cop car. Then, the cops get out, and the occupants of the cars get out:

The occupants are Elves and a Santa. People come out on the street…

…and Santa hands out gifts to little kids, who have come out of their house by now. My guess is the cops were there to reassure parents this wasn’t some whack job dressed as santa approaching people in the neighborhood.

Humanity isn’t shit sometimes.

Merry Christmas.


That’s pretty awesome!


By the way, Happy New Year everyone! :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: