Possibly helping members!?

I haven’t really thought this out but my idea is that to some degree we would be able to help members. To a degree that food is needed, or a minimal amount of $ was need to push through a month or two.

I wouldn’t even begin to know how this works or have an idea but I think I’d be able to offer $ to a degree more than 0.

It would be to help. Last resort. Explanation needed to the Admins/mods/label team, if required. Besides that, we’re helping. I feel like there may be a number of us affected. If the actual number is 700k pontentially, I’d love to help, even if mildly.

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I was actually thinking on this today and the most fair idea I could come up with is to let people post a GoFundMe here and let members decided for themselves. Alternatively we could start a thread were members can post they are willing to help other members out whether it be a direct cash donation or something else and members could PM donors on the list. Though frankly I’m more in favor of just letting people post GoFundMe’s because then IDMf isn’t legally or emotionally liable for anything.

I don’t mean to be crass in a time of crisis but as I said this was, strangely enough, on my mind today. I dont want to be in charge of other people’s money.

I can speak for myself, I do not have the emotional energy right now to try and decide whether or not a forum member is worthy of our help.

Edit: and to clarify @bbb I think its a grand idea, but my gf is a mod in a fb group that just became an official non profit animal group and money makes everything a three ring legal shit show…so that’s where I"m coming from


I posted about this in the admin/mod room.

Thanks @relic. I’m sure there is a large gray area that could be twisted or misused.

I do like this idea but I have a few concerns.
If we arrange a thread where each person posts their GoFundMe link, it could be affected by the ‘popularity contest’ factor.
If instead we have a single pot which then get divided among a set amount of pre-decided members, then we need to decide who manages the pot (Not a mod/admin), how do we decide who is in the pot and how to share it?

Those are defo all good points, Auto. I just can’t think of a good way to do it off the top of my head.