Phase shifting and modulation with distortion and damping

I’ve only fiddled with phase modulation in sytrus and was able to get some wierd boc like sounds in conjuction with some light distortion and filtering in addition to using oscillators as lfos…

Why the seperate thread…

Not sure but I think phase modulation in synthesis maybe a more hands on approach at simulating tape saturation effects present in some boc… tracks

Maybe that’s the other key to boc sounds I’m not well versed enough in tape machines and tape machine simulators

I could be wrong but that just maybe the other aspect as to how boc makes it sound…maybe someone more knowledgeable can check to see…if my guess holds any water.

Cheers. Thank you.

BoC may well use FM/PM synths i’m not sure as little is known about their gear,but i dunno how you got from there to making some kind correlation with tape.did you mean that you was using a modulator with a slowrate to get a vibrato for a wow and flutter sort of thing?

Tape has a number of properties to it but the only one that i could see a correlation with PM is the wow and flutter which amounts to a pitch modulation of sorts

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Yeah using phase modulation to simulate some effects…like wow and flutter.

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