Para Verse - Processing Loop


I was wondering if I could post that here, since it’s a bit of harsh themed with violent lyrics, but I’m giving a try. maybe if I prevent people and say /!\ it’s +18 /!\ would be ok?

“Para Verse is an “Electro Death” act, from Kenneth Sullidor the author of PLASTIK KOFFINS. Despise coming from the same person, the two projects differs extremely from each others. Para Verse have a more rythmic and “bombastic” touch than Kenneth’s first project.”

I want to share with you my latest EP released on all audio platforms via TuneCore.

“Processing Loop” EP synopsis:

“All into my head… inside the rejected loop.
The fight against pedophilia isn’t an easy task… I know what I’m saying.”

Thanks for listening.

(If the mods are unhappy of this very intimate release, you could take it out and I’ll post another Para Verse release.)